How to Increase PC RAM Virtually Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

Today in this article I am going to share with you How to Increase PC RAM virtually in Windows 7/8/XP/Vista but before we move on it is necessary that you should read this brief information about RAM so that you can understand what actually we are going to do to Increase Your Computer RAM.Basically RAM(Random Access memory) is available in our system in two different forms that is Physical and Virtual Memory.Physical RAM is that part of RAM that you actually buy and fit into your motherboard like 2 GB DDR3 RAM etc whereas Virtual RAM is a totally different concept which utilizes both the Hardware as well as software.Virtual Memory technology uses your Main Physical Computer RAM in conjunction with your Hard disk space(Temporary space).You can have a look at the main concept behind the Virtual RAM Mechanism below and read the step by step tutorial on How to Increase PC RAM Virtually Windows.

How Virtual RAM Concept Works ?

Whenever you run heavy applications or program’s and your RAM runs low then the Virtual Memory phenomenon comes into action which transfers data from RAM to a space called paging file and thus freeing up your RAM and thereby Increasing Your RAM.

How to Increase PC RAM Virtually – Steps to Follow

For Windows 7/8/XP/Vista Only :

  • Go to My Computer and Right Click -> Select Properties.
  • Click on ‘Advanced System Settings’ as shown below.

How to Increase PC RAM Virtually - 1

  • Under System Properties Navigate to Advanced Tab and Under Performance Click on Settings.

How to Increase PC RAM Virtually - 2

  • Again Under Performance Go to Advanced Tab and Under Virtual Memory Select Change as shown.

How to Increase PC RAM Virtually - 3

  • Now Uncheck the Box ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’.

How to Increase PC RAM Virtually - 4

  • Select Your Windows Drive :C and Click on Custom size and Set the Initial Size and Maximum Size to 5000 i.e 5 GB

Note – You can change the Initial Size and Maximum size depending upon your Hard disk space and remember the more space you provide the more will be used as Virtual RAM.

  • Click on Set and then OK and Restart Your computer so that new effects can take place.

Note – If you want to do it for other drives also then you should do it for more better performance.

  • That’s all and You are all done.

P.S : Must Read

As said above earlier also that here we are increasing the RAM by Increasing the Virtual Memory which will also help in boosting up your computer program’s and applications but it will not give very high end performance therefore in such cases you need to upgrade Your Physical RAM.It is a totally safe to use procedure and reversible process too which means you can easily undo the changes that you have made.

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