HP Envy Ralink RT3290 WiFi Problems, Looses Connection Drop FIX

If you own an HP envy laptop and are experiencing constant WiFi Connection issues having Ralink RT3290 WiFi adapter then this article is something that you were looking for a long time to get a fix for your HP Envy Ralink RT3290 WiFi Problems. I too own an Hp Envy TS15 J120TX laptop and my experience has been really bad with this laptop especially due to Ralink RT3290 WiFi adapter until now after i have fixed the issue by manually. I wish HP had provided good WiFi adapter but now if you have purchased HP envy laptop and are facing WiFi issues then don’t get disheartened because here are some fixes that you may try in order to fix HP Envy Ralink RT3290 WiFi Problems. Also it has been observed that users who have switched from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 are experiencing more WiFi connection drop out issues which seems likely to be a driver or software issue rather than being a hardware issue but still i would have preferred Intel Wireless adapter instead of Ralink or Mediatek Wireless Adapter

Note : Here I have mentioned three different fixes as per user reviews and experiences and I have arranged them in priority order so i would strongly suggest you to go step by step starting from Method – 1 until your problem is resolved.

Fix HP Envy Ralink RT3290 WiFi Problems – Best Fixes

Method – 1

If you are having WiFi connection issues or WiFi connection drop outs on your HP laptop then this is the first step that you should try in order to resolve the issue. Here what we are going to do is to disable Allow the Computer to turnoff this device to Save Power feature though this looks pretty strange but it has worked for many people and even HP support staff recommends this as the first step to fix Ralink WiFi Adapter issue.

  • Go to My Computer -> Right Click on it -> Select Properties -> Select Device Manager.
  • Under Device Manager Expand Network Adapters -> Right Click on Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn WiFi Adapter -> Select Properties as shown below.

HP Envy Ralink RT3290 WiFi Problems - 1

  • Navigate to Power Management Tab and Uncheck the box Allow the Computer to turnoff this device to Save Power feature as shown below.

HP Envy WiFi Problem - 2

  • That’s it now better restart you computer and check your WiFi Connectivity.

I hope this fixes all your WiFi Connection drop out issues no matter which WiFi adapter you are having on your HP laptop but if still the problem persists don’t worry just try the Method 2 as mentioned below.

Method – 2

If in case after trying the above solution you are still facing the issue then there’s no reason to dissapoint as there are other alternative fixes that you can try one by one until your problem is resolved so keep trying all these fixes one by one.

  • Go to My Computer -> Right Click on it -> Select Properties -> Select Device Manager.
  • Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers -> Select Generic USB Hub -> Right Click and go to properties.

HP Envy WiFi Problem - 3

  • Navigate to Power Management Tab and Uncheck the box Allow the Computer to turnoff this device to Save Power feature as shown below.

HP Envy WiFi Problem - 4

  • Repeat the same for the other Generic USB hub port and that’s it.
  • Restart your system and check your WiFi Connectivity if the problem still persists try with the below method 3.

Note – You might be wondering what relation is between disabling power management feature in Generic USB Hub and WiFi network connection and to be honest i also don’t know but somewhere in HP forum i have read a user tried this and it worked for him so it is worth trying…I also personally keep this feature disabled.

Method – 3

The above two mentioned methods are the one that you can try without the need of installing or updating your WiFi adapter and that’s why you should first try them and then try this one if the above two method fails to solve your issue.

Currently there are two Ralink WiFi Adapter drivers version and and I would suggest you to first try the driver it is the best and reliable driver that will definitely fix your WiFi connection problems else Install the

How to Install or Update Ralink WiFi Driver : Steps to Follow

  • Go to My Computer -> Right Click on it -> Select Properties -> Select Device Manager.
  • Under Device Manager Expand Network Adapters -> Right Click on Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn WiFi Adapter -> Select Uninstall as shown below.

HP Envy WiFi Problem - 5

  • After this Restart your system no matter whether your system prompts for restart or not.
  • Download the Ralink WiFi Driver from above given link and Install it.
  • That’s it and now you will no longer face any kind of HP Envy Ralink RT3290 WiFi Problems.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. A two week hiatus of function is over! Changing the setting of ‘Generic USB Hub’ was crucial. I’m not even going to speculate as to why this would cause a problem nor why the problem suddenly surfaced. Maybe HP should do this? Having read various HP forum posts I get the impression HP, as a company, don’t care much for supporting customers.

  2. Thank you very much dude! Mine got fixed:)

  3. I tried the 3 methods and could not get it fixed. Any other idea? I also tried to use the Microsoft driver but it also failed.

    1. Try disabling the Bluetooth driver from device manager…may be this helps…

      1. Thank you for you answer. I also tried disabling the Bluetooth but did not work. I ended up buying an external card. It was pretty cheap.

  4. Hey there!

    I recently bought the HP Envy Touchsmart 15 inch and i am having trouble connecting to the wireless. It keeps giving me a message “Cannot connect to this network” when all other laptops and tablets connect. It is a Windows 8.1.
    I tried Method 1 but I could find Ralink WiFi Adapter. It only had: Bluetooth Device, Qualcomm Atheros and Realtek Family Controller
    Similarly Method 2, I couldnt find Generic, I only found AMD, Standard enhanced, USB Composite, and USB Root Hub.

    Could this be the cause of the problem since I don’t have Ralink? If so, what should I do?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Can you please tell me your full HP Envy laptop model so that i can cross check which wifi adapter is your laptop equipped with…Thanks

      1. Yes it is HP ENVY m6 NOTEBOOK PC
        If it helps, the product number is G3R12UA#ABA
        And it is Windows 8.1

        1. As far as I got to know about your HP Model number from your Product number that is HP Envy m6-n010dx Most probably and Your laptop do support the same Ralink RT3290 WiFi adapter…So I would suggest you to once again download and install the WiFi driver from here – http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp66001-66500/sp66088.exe


  6. Hello everybody,

    I have bought lately a “HP Pavilion 11 x360 11-n002ng” with the mentioned Ralink RT 3290 Wifi adapter. The driver version is (may 2015).
    The convertible is just great – only the bad Wifi signal was a problem. But now…. thanks to this website I finally found help. I tried method 1 and 2 and since that moment I had no problems anymore.

  7. Hi pankaj.. I have similar issues but with hp Pavillion x2.. I just tried your first 2 options.. did not work… will the device drivers that you have provided will be same for hp pavilion x2? If yes I may try 3rd option as well

    1. You have to check within your Device Manager under Network Adapters and if your laptop is also using the same Ralink RT3290 WiFi adapter then only you can use the device drivers…

      1. Hi Pankaj.. yes.. Sorry I forgot to mention in my earlier post.. I have RT3290 WiFi adapter.. I will try and see if the 3rd step works for me. Thanks!

  8. Wow! I think Method 1 worked!

  9. Thanks for your post. but i have a problem.i already have this ralink driver installed in my pc. But in my windows 8.1 it does not detect any wifi signals. It says no networks found.! Will u help me to sort out this problem/

  10. Nothing is working.. please help my hp model is RT3290LE

    1. Sorry for the late response but if you are still facing the issue and not getting it resolved I would better suggest you to contact HP customer care for resolution…See if they can change your Network LAN adapter with some other model..Thanks!

  11. Thank you bro..It’s really work.Finally your solution make me happy for a while.I don’t know whether it last longer or not but it’s work your method 3.
    Once again,thank you

  12. My computer does not have a generic USB hub?? However, I did try #1 suggestion. Hope it works! 🙂
    My silly laptop has intermittently has lost connection to the internet too many times to count. Its been doing it constantly for over 3 years! I ran across your post today by accident looking for a remedy.
    Grateful 🙂


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