HideMyAss Alternatives Online 2015 : Virtual Private Network Proxy

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HideMyAss Alternatives Online 2015: In this era of technology, privacy is the most important feature one could have. And when it comes to internet privacy HideMyAss takes the trophy. HideMyAss is one of the most popular proxy website which offers free and premium services. The free service is enough for any casual user. However, the premium account comes with openVPN plus PPTP service. Nevertheless, if you are not happy with the fermium features offered by HideMyAss, you can always look for better alternatives. To make  your search for best HideMyAss alternative easier, here we will be looking at the best free and paid HideMyAss alternatives online 2015. Check the best HideMyAss Alternatives 2015 here.

Tunnelbear VPN

 HideMyAss Alternatives Online 2015 : Virtual Private Network Proxy

You can make use of below mentioned services to unblock or access blocked websites in your country.

1 – Anonymizer


Anonymizer can be the best HideMyAss alternative if you consider the feature offered by both the proxy servers. However, the only limitation is that it comes with 14 days of free trial. Nevertheless, you can always by pass such restrictions with multiple accounts. The website offers continuous anonymity online. It routs all your traffic through its personal VPN routes, which are encrypted. Then it masks your real IP address to ensure that you have complete and continuous anonymity for all your online activities. The only drawback you would see here is that you have to install it on your PC which is true for almost every Virtual Private Network.

2 – Spysurfing


spysurfing is a free online anonymous web-based proxy service. It has no limitation of usage and can be used from anywhere and using any device with an internet connection. You can use this service to unblock all the block websites in your school, college and work place without any hassle. It helps you browse anonymously by not letting the website capture data regarding your IP address and location etc.

When you visit the Spysurfing website, you will see an address bar. In which you can enter the website URL you want to access and start browsing. Clicking on Option button would show more options such as Encode URL, Encode page, Allows or block cookies, Remove scrip, remove images and remove flash.

3 – TunnelBear

Tunnelbear VPN

TunnelBear is yet another VPN proxy service you can use to surf the web anonymously. It has been featured by several major tech publications and is supported by Android, Mac, PC and iOS devices. The Tunnelbear hides your data and IP address to protect your privacy and keep you anonymous over the internet.  It also offers you to unblock, blocked contents in your country. It also block trackers and ad analytics, social button etc. The Tunnelbear is free to download and use on your favorite device.

4 – Securitykiss

SecurityKiss VPN

Securitykiss is yet another free online proxy web service which allows you to surf the web anonymously. It is a VPN implementation based on OpenVON and L2TP. The service creates a VPN between your computer and our security gateway that prevents third parties from viewing your web browsing activities. You can access online games, bypass censorship, stay safe during travel and do everything while being anonymous to the internet world.

5 – TorVPN


Tor is not a new name, but TorVPN might be a new name for you. The TorVPN is definitely one among the most trusted and popular VPN service available on the internet. It offers a transparent server for encrypted communication, SSH server for secure connectivity, PPTP VPN server for connecting to TorVPN, TOR Proxy and a control panel with advanced features. TorVPN comes with free trial and packages which suits your needs.

So, these are the best HideMyAss alternatives online 2015 and virtual private network proxy services available. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. So far I have had good luck with arcvpn in changing my IP.


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