TeamViewer Rollback Framework Could Not be Initialized FIX

TeamViewer Rollback Framework Could Not be Initialized Error Fix for Windows : Recently While I was trying to install TeamViewer on my Windows 10 HP Envy Laptop I stuck in between the installation process where TeamViewer was constantly throwing the error message “Team” which was eventually preventing me to install TeamViewer on my system. This was the first time I was facing such an issue with TeamViewer installation but after searching for the issue for quite a while over internet I finally managed to resolve the issue with a very simple fix which here I am going to share with all of you. So if you too are facing this TeamViewer Rollback Framework could not be initialized error then just try the below mentioned fixes and I hope your issue will be resolved shortly as well. The below given mentioned fix will work for all the Microsoft Windows Versions i.e Windows 10. Windows 8.1,Windows 8, Windows 7 etc.

How to Fix TeamViewer Rollback Framework Could Not be Initialized : Best Fixes

Well facing such errors are quite rare and are therefore quite to difficult to remove. Earlier i tried fixing it via making changes in the Windows registry key files and updating dot net framework but alll my efforts went into vain until I tried the below given simple fix. Though you must note that it is not necessary that the method that fixed my issue will also resolve your issue as well because though you might be having the same error but it may occur due to other reasons. So I would advise you to try with the first fix that worked for me and if that fix doesn’t works out for you then try moving to alternative fixes which unfortunately didn’t worked for me but still you can give them a last try.

The TeamViewer Error Message Shows “Error : Rollback framework could not be initialized.Installation aborted!” as shown below in the error screen shot.

TeamViewer Rollback Framework Could Not be Initialized

Fix – 1 : Run TeamViewer as Run as Administrator

You might be quite shocked to see this simple ignorance of running the application setup without administrator priviliges can cause so much of frustration and time wastage but that’s the truth. Running the TeamViewer with Run as Administrator priviliges not only fixed the issue for me but it fixed the same issue for most of the users facing the issue. So there are very high chances that your TeamViewer error also gets resolved by running TeamViewer as Run as Administrator.

  • In order to Run TeamViewer as Run as Administrator just perform a right click on the TeamViewer setup file and select Run as Administrator and that’s it you can now proceed with installing TeamViewer on your system without any issues.

Fix – 2 : Try Fixing Through Registry Changes

Sometimes such errors often result because the rollback feature of the Microsoft Windows Installer is disabled in the Windows Registry settings where the Rollback is disabled in the DisableRollback policy in the registry. So this may be the case with you as well therefore in such scenario you can follow the below given Microsoft Official Resolution guide and hopefully your issue gets resolved after applying the changes.

Fix – 3 : Try Updating the .NET Framework

Don’t know why but some users have reported that updating the Microsoft .Net framework to the latest version fixed their issue so you can also give it a try.

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