How to Fix Play Store Error 905 in Android: 100% Working

How to Fix Play Store Error 905 in Android: Android 5.0 Lollipop update brought several new features and tweaks to the supported Android smartphones. However, one thing which came with all these feature is Play Store Error 905. Errors are common whenever a new update hits your smartphones, but what’s important is to find the solution or fix for them. So, in today’s we will be showing you how to fix Play Store error 95.

How to Fix Play Store Error 905 in Android

The Play Store Error 905 said to occur while downloading an app from Play Store to your Android phone. when you try to download any app from Google Play Store specifically large apps, the download stucks at a point and sometimes the app force closes throwing this error.

The error doesn’t  occur on all the apps but few specific apps  like Microsoft PowerPoint,  Asphalt 8 game and Warcraft etc. Here we have collected few possible fixes to fix Play Store Error 905 in Android. Check below on How to Fix Play Store Error 905 in Android.

How to Fix Play Store Error 905 in Android : Best Fixes

Method 1: Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

Let’s begin with the most obvious solution for this error and that is uninstalling Google Play Store updates . So go to All applications or go to Apps and open All app tab.  Next, look for Google Play Store and open it.

Now, click on Uninstall updates and confirm it by pressing OK. Once the updates have been uninstalled, reboot or restart your phone. Now try to download the app which was giving you the error 905 and see if the error has been resolved.

Method 2: Install the Latest Google Play Store App

If uninstalling the Google Play Store update did ‘t fix the error,  then you can try updating the Google Play Store app to the latest available version. Sometimes Google may release an Update to fix this error in Android. So, just open Google Play Store, go to Settings and see if any updates are available for the Google Play Store app.

Method 3: Increase the Screen Timeout Time

Keeping your display or screen on during app update can also fix this problem. Mostly when your screen turns off, it locks your device and this may prevent Google Play Store from downloading apps or installing updates. So, head over to Settings > Display > Screen timeout >> Keep screen turned on, if not set the maximum available time.

Now open Google Play Store and try to download the app and make sure that you don’t close the App store until and unless the downloading and installation has been completed.

Method 4: Kill Background Apps

Have you tried killing or closing all the unwanted background apps before trying to download the App which was giving Google Play Store error 905. Close all the apps, which are using more than normal resources on your device. See if this can fix Play Store Error 905 in Android.

So, this was about how to fix the Google Play Store error 905 in Android phone. Do let us know you thoughts and what worked for you in the comments below

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