Multiplayer Games (2 or more players) to play on Single Computer/PC

When we talk about multiplayer games on computer there comes a lot of games including all types of genres ( i.e Arcade , Action , Adventure etc) but when it comes to playing multiplayer games for 2 or more players on single computer then the games become very limited . Now-a-days Most of the multiplayer games are online based and there are very limited games which allows to play 2 or more players on single pc.

So in this post we are gonna focus on those games which allows to play 2 or more players on single computer.So following is a list of those games :-

1-Mashed : Drive to Survive

  • Mashed is a fun loving combat racing gaming which allows upto 4 players to play on a single computer at a time
  • Includes – Challenge Cup,Quick Battle,Standard Play,Team battle,Quick Race,Beat the Bomb,Chase the Fugitive,Kill the copter,Survival and Hold the Flag
  • 60 single player challenges
  • High Tech Advanced Weapons which includes guns,mortars,missiles,Flame throwers,mines and much more


  • Multihero is a action-adventure 2-D addictive game that allows to play upto 4 players at a time.This is a very addictive game which includes 50 levels which are very tough to complete and are very challenging which increases the craze of the game.
  • It is a must play game for every casual gamer as this is a very entertaining game.

3-Split Second

  • Split second is a combat racing game which allows to play 2 players on single pc using splitscreen(Horizontal or Vertical).This game is published by Disney Interactive Studios and is kind of arcade racing game . This game takes the racing to a new level where the environment can be used as a weapon for the opponents .
  • This is a very unique kind of racing game ever seen before.This game allows gamers to beat the competition by triggering explosives.


  • Blur is an arcade racing style game which will allow you to play 2 players using splitscreen.It is a very interesting game for two players.
  • Includes Hardcore as well as power-up races which makes this game a must play game for everyone.This game includes impressive power ups.


5-Sonic & Sega all star racing

  • Sonic & Sega all star racing is a kart racing style game published by Sega.It also allows 2 players to play using splitscreen.In this game vehicles can be transformed from one form to another (i.e.kart to boat or plane)


6-Micro Machines V4

  • Micro machines v4 is a transformed version of mashed having similar kind of gameplay with lots of new powers and tracks developed by codemasters.


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