This is a very annoying error ” USB NOT ENOUGH FREE DISK SPACE ERROR ” faced by most of the users who tries to copy large files to the usb pen drive . This generally happens when the user tries to copy files larger than 4 GB . While copying files larger than 4 GB you may encounter an error specifying “Not enough Free disk space or The file is too large for the destination file system “. The reason behind this is that the usb format which you are using is FAT 32 which does not allows to transfer files having size larger than 4 GB. So here is a simple step by step guide to resolve this issue . It may happen that you may face “usb says not enough space but its empty” so you can try the below given solution.

Solution For USB Not Enough Free Disk Space Error : Step By Step Instructions

  • Right click on the USB Pendrive and go to format option which will then open new Window tab and there you need to click on the File system button.
    • After Navigating to the File System Section there you will see two file systems viz FAT32 and NTFS File system (the two commonly used formats) .
  • There you just choose NTFS  file system and click start ( Be sure to backup your data before formatting as the data will be erased ).
  • That’s it you can now using your USB pendrive for large file transfers without facing the same USB Not Enough Free Disk Space Error

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