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How to Write in English Without Mistakes ? – Every Writer Makes Mistakes while Writing in English whether he is a Professional Writer or a Beginner Since it is not Possible for anyone to Write in English Without Making Mistakes.So Being a Good Writer doesn’t means that he should not make Mistakes rather it is important to Identify the Mistakes and Remember them so as to avoid those mistakes is Future. How to Increase IDM Download Speed – IDM Optimizer Though Microsoft Office Comes with Professional Spelling and Grammar Checking tools to Correct Your Mistakes but not Good Enough to Correct all the Small and Silly Mistakes Therefore In this Post I am Going to Tell You About SmartEdit a Powerful Utility To Correct Your Mistakes and Let you Write in English Without Mistakes.So Read this Post to Learn How to Write in English Without Mistakes Using Smart Edit.How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM : Faster and High SpeedHow to Write in English Without Mistakes

How to Write in English Without Mistakes : SmartEdit Features

1 – Helps in Avoiding Common Spelling Mistakes

Suppose You want to Type ‘From’ and by Mistake You have Typed ‘Form’ then Smart Edit will help You there which normal Spelling Checkers cannot do.SmartEdit allows you to add Words that appears to be confusing in the list of Monitoring the Words.

Be Less Repetive

SmartEdit Checks How often a Word or Phrase is being used  and if it occurs too often then according your Smart Edit settings it will show you in your Relevant List.How to Download Play Store Apps on PC

How to Check a Repeated Word or Phrase in Smart Edit

  • Open the File in SmartEdit (It Should be in .txt or in .rtf Format ).
    • Now Click on the ‘Scan Now’ Button.
  • Click on one of the Repeated Word or Phrase from the Relevant List and then its first appearance will be highlighted in the Document.

2 – Allows You to Change Repetition Settings

Smart Edit allows you to set a Limit for  what should be counted as Repeated Word or Phrase in the Document.You can Easily Change these Repetition Settings and Set it According to Your Choice Top 10 Best Android Phones Under 10000

How to Change Repetition Settings

  • Go to Options and Select Scan Options.
  • Open the “Phrase & Word Counter Settings” Tab and Set the Limitation for the Repeated Word or Phrase.

3 – Fully Customize SmartEdit

SmartEdit allows you to Customize its settings to Monitor the Mistakes that you know you make often.For Example – You tend to be Confusing in Similar Words like ‘From’ and ‘Form’ then You can add then to the Relevant List so as to avoid the Confusion while using these Words in the Document.How to Increase YouTube Buffering speed – Faster and High Speed By Default SmartEdit contains the set of default lists of ‘cliches’, ‘words to monitor’, ‘adverbs’, and ‘words to ignore’.

How to add Words to Monitor List

  • Go to Options and Select Monitored Word List.
  • Click on the New Button and there add the Word or Phrase that you want to Monitor.
  • Click on OK and That’s all.

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