How to Remove Autorun.inf Virus from USB Pendrive – FIXED

Autorun is a default Windows OS Feature that uses autorun.inf file which comes into action during the execution of programs stored in Removable Media devices such as CD’s or DVD’s,USB Pendrives or Hard disks including memory cards too.As we already know that USB Devices especially pendrives or external hard disks are very much vulnerable to virus attacks that’s why there are the first to get this autorun.inf virus and thereafter spreading into the whole system files and hard disks.So here is a detailed guide on how to remove autorun.inf virus from USB Pendrive forever.

How does Autorun.inf virus comes into action ?

You might be wondering how this virus can affect your system and its overall performance this is one of the most concerning factor how an autorun.inf file can prove to be dangerous for your system.Suppose there is autorun.inf virus in Your USB Pendrive and you connect that pendrive to your pc or laptop and whenever you perform a double-click on your pendrive this virus starts executing and thereby spreading into your system files and folders by creating multiple copies of autorun.inf and .exe files on each and evey drive of your system.

Is autorun.inf harmful ?

Most of the users ignore this virus thinking that it is just an autorun.inf file which is used by the system itself which is a total misconception as it can really damage your system by interacting with your important system files and thus degrading your system performance or in worst cases it can resulting in losing all your sensitive and private information to malicious websites.Therefore for your system and data security it becomes necessary to completely remove this virus from your system.See below how to remove autorun.inf virus from USB Pendrive forever.

How to Remove Autorun.inf Virus from USB Pendrive – Best Ways

Method – 1 : Manual method

You will find lots of different manual methods to remove this autorun.inf virus by tweaking your registry settings or booting into safe mode etc which sometimes become little messy and if something goes wrong it can lead to system failure that’s why it is better that you don’t try those method unless you are an expert so here I am providing a very simple and easy method to remove Autorun.inf virus from your USB Pendrive by creating a simple notepad file.

Steps to Follow :

  • Open a notepad file and don’t type anything just leave it empty
  • Click on File -> Save As with the name “autorun.inf” in Your Pendrive.

How to remove autorun.inf virus from USB Pendrive

  • That’s all and now the virus will be removed.

Concept behind creating another autorun.inf file :

By creating another autorun.inf we are actually going to overwrite the already present autorun.inf file with an empty autorun.inf file and an empty will not execute by itself thus you will be now free from the virus.

Note – It is a perfect method for removing simple autorun viruses but still after trying the above method you face the same virus then it is better that you should try third party software’s to permanently remove this virus before it further damages your system.

Method – 2 : Using Autorun Virus Remover tool (Recommended)

I would recommend you to try this Autorun Virus Remover tool to completely remove this virus from your computer forever.It is a very light-weight and fast application and doesn’t slow down your system.You can have a look at its features below.

Key Features :

  • Permanently removes the autorun.inf virus.
  • Free to use,light wieght and fast application
  • Removes all the harmful threats from the USB Devices.
  • Immune the USB Devices so that it can’t be affected again.

P.S : Must Read Important

After you have removed the autorun.inf virus from your system i would highly recommend you to install some good free antivirus and scan your whole system to remove other traces of viruses if present any.That’s all in how to remove autorun.inf virus from USB Pendrive if you still face any problem after trying all the above steps feel free to contact us by commenting below.

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