How to Install Windows 8 on Tablet PC : Easy Method

This is a very common question for Tablet users that How to Install Windows 8 on Tablets. Some users want to install Windows 8 on their Android Tablet, but to install Windows 8 on an Android tablet you must make sure that your Tablet Hardware supports Windows 8. If your Hardware configuration is not enough to install windows , Don’t try the steps given below. So, this article is for Tablet Lovers who want to install Windows 8 on their tablets, just follow the simple step by step guide given below.

install windows 8 on tablet

Software Required

  • Wintoflash or Flashboot
  • Windows 8 ISO file
  • Virtual Clone Drive

Easy Way to Install Windows 8 On Tablet Using USB drive :

If your Tablet has a USB port then you can follow this guide to install windows 8.

  • To make your Pen drive bootable just follow the on screen guide after installing Flashboot or wintoflash.
  • After making USB Drive bootable connect it with your Tablet.
  • Start your tablet and make changes in BIOS settings to boot from USB.
  • Now you will see Windows 8 installation screen, just follow the on screen instructions to install Windows 8 on your Tablet.

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Install Windows 8 on Tablet Without USB port : Steps to Follow

If your Tablet has a USB port you should use the method given above otherwise try the method given below. This method is difficult than the previous method.

  • Take a complete Backup of your Tablet.
  • Make sure you have 20 GB free space in your Windows Partition.
  • After Mounting open “My Computer” and open virtual drive and run setup of windows 8 and follow the on screen instruction to install windows 8.
  • After installing Windows 8 on your Tablet you need to install essentials drivers manually from the manufacturer’s official Website.

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So you have just learned how to install Windows 8 on tablet PC. If you have USB port in your tablet then install Windows 8 using USB drive because the second method is difficult and  Don’t forget to Share this article with your friends on Facebook, twitter and Google+.

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