How to Download Torrent Files on Android Smartphone/Tablet

How to Download Torrent Files on Android Smartphone/Tablet : We all are Already Very much Familiar with Downloading Torrent Files Using Bit Torrent Clients Like Utorrent , Bit Torrent etc on Our Windows PC or Laptop But have you ever thought of Downloading Torrent Files on Your Android Smartphone or Tablet ? – Yeah!! You can Download Torrent Files on Your Android Device just like as you used to do in Your PC or Laptop but for that here in Android You need to Install Apps that allows you to Download Torrent File Downloading on Your Smartphone or Tablet.Downloading torrent files on Your Mobiles becomes pretty Useful handy especially when you are having a Wi-Fi Internet on Your Home so that you can download torrent files directly on Your Android Smartphone or Tablet without Turning on Your  PC and thus saving electricity Bill.The Best Part of Downloading torrent files on Android Device is that you get the same downloading speed as you used to get in your Windows PC.I have been downloading torrent files on my Android device too from past few weeks without facing any problem and therefore here I am going to share with you How to Download Torrent Files on Android Smartphone/Tablet by using the below given Apps.

Note – We Recommend You to Take Advantage of Wi-Fi Only Mode whenever Possible so as Get the Fastest Performance and thus Saving Your Mobile Internet Data Charges and Battery Usage.

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How to Download Torrent Files on Android Smartphone/Tablet : Best Apps

uTorrent / Bittorrent Beta :

uTorrent Beta is Official Torrent Downloading App for Android OS developed by Bittorrent Inc. the team that invented the Bittorrent Protocol where you can easily find and download your favorite torrent directly on to Your Smartphone or Tablet.uTorrent Beta for Android Brings all Your Torrent Media access at one place.uTorrent Beta is a Totally free to Use App without any restrictions which means you get Unlimited Downloading speed as well as no more file size limits.You can Also Subscribe to RSS Feeds,Pause downloading and Even can Play the downloaded Content Directly from within the App.

How to Download Torrent Files on Android - uTorrent

uTorrent / Bittorrent Beta Key Features :

  • Fast, easy and Free mobile downloads
  • Simple and Clean Friendly User Interface.
  • No Downloading Speed or Size Limit restrictions.
  • Wi-Fi Only Mode Available to Save Mobile Data charges.
    • Subscribe to RSS feeds and Play Downloaded Content

tTorrent lite :

tTorrent lite is Another Free yet very much popular and Powerful App for Downloading Torrents on Android Devices.Unlike Bittorrent Beta and aTorrent Apps you don’t need to Search for Your Torrents from outside your App as tTorrent lites allows you to Manually search your Torrents from within the App without Opening extra browser for searching the Torrents.tTorrent lite is Available in Both Free and Paid Versions but Unfortunately the Free Version Comes with Speed Restrictions limiting the Downloading Speed upto 250kB/s only.Therefore you might be thinking why try this app when you can get other Torrent Client apps that provides you Unlimited Download Speed but their is a Big Reason behind this and it is its Performance and the Best review scores as an Android Torrent App.tTorrent Lites includes a huge list of variety of features discussed below.

How to Download Torrent Files on Android - tTorrent Lite

tTorrent lite Key Features :

  • Direct Integration with Web Browser.
  • Support For Multiple Torrent Downloading.
  • Search Torrents within tTorrent lite App.
  • Wi-Fi Only Mode Available to Save Mobile Data charges.
  • You can Also limit Upload/Download speed.

aTorrent :

aTorrent is a Very Solid Bittorrent Client with Powerful Downloading Capabilities which Inludes Some of the Best Features that Bittorrent Includes.aTorrent is basically a Native P2P BitTorrent App for Android Smartphones or Tablets.Though there is no Option for downloading torrent from RSS Feeds but it makes up for this by having Premium features that allows you to the option to download the Files Partially i.e Downloading only those files that you wish to download from a Multi-File Torrent.aTorrent also supports Magnet links for downloading torrents.No Speed Limit Restrictions but its Free Version is Ad-driven but with all features of Pro Version except these Ads.

How to Download Torrent Files on Android - aTorrent

aTorrent Key Features :

  • Simple and Clean Friendly User Interface.
  • Support For Magnet Link downloading.
  • Open and Add torrents direct from Web Browser.
  • Partial File Downloading from multi-file torrent.
  • Pause Downloading when no external supply is connected.

aDownloader :

aDownloader is another Popular native Buttorent Client for downloading Torrents for Android phones.aDownloader also supports break and resume feature for downloading torrent files.It comes with Direct Integration with Web browser where you need to Long Press the Torrent Link and Select ‘Share link’ and Choose aDownloader to Download.You can Also Add Torrents directly to aDownloader From Your SD Memory Card.

How to Download Torrent Files on Android - aDownloader

  • Install aDownloader on Your Android Smartphone/Tablet

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  1. ttorrent is the best client for android out of these. The pro version offers unlimited speed.


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