Best Survey Sites 2013 / 2014 | Top Genuine Paying | Earn Online

Best Survey Sites 2013 – 2014 | Top Genuine Paying |Earn Online : For Past Few Years it has been Observed that Internet Has Become one of the Most Popular Source For Earning Money Online from Home without any Extra Investment.Though there are Some Investment Methods too by Which you can make huge amount of Money in just few Months but the Question Arises is that ‘Why to Investment Money to Earn if you can Earn Money Online sitting at Home without paying a penny ?’ – Yeah it is True that you can Earn Money Online From Home by Just doing Simple Jobs Over the Internet Like Filling Up Surveys,Data Entry Jobs,Advertising and Much More.I have Already Discussed How to Earn money Online Without Any Investment by Doing Data Entry Jobs Online.You can See Here Earn Money Online through Data Entry Jobs For Free.Here Today I am  Going to Tell you a Very Good and Easiest Way to Make Money Online by Filling Up the Surveys.You don’t need to be Expert or have any Experience to do these Surveys as You will be Receive Survey Depending upon Your Profile which means at which you are Best.Every Survey is Different and of Different Duration Ranging from few Minutes Upto 1-2 hrs.It has been observed that Surveys of Greater Length Pays you More.Best Survey Sites 2013 You will Earn for Each Survey that you fill depending upon the Information Provided by you is Whether Correct or Not Therefore You must Fill all the Surveys Correctly Depending on Your Profile.Every Survey is Assigned with a Different Rate i.e 1$,5$,10$ and even Much More.But Now-a-days it has been Found that Most of the Survey Sites are Scam,Fraud Cheating People and Don’t pay them for their Work.So it is Always Recommended to See the Company Profile before you Register on these Surveys. How to Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed I Have Also Seen People Getting Low Money for filling up the Surveys therefore Here in this Post I am going to Tell You some of the Best Survey Sites 2013 which are 100% Genuine,No Scam,No Fraud You can Freely Register at these Survey Sites and Start Earning Money Online From Right Now.Best Survey Sites 2013  I Have Already Been Part of Most of the Survey Sites available But Now I have been working on only Top Paying Best Survey Sites 2014 that are Legitimate and High Survey Rates which I have Listed in this Post.

Best Survey Sites 2013 – 2014 | Top Genuine Paying | Earn Online


Cashcrate is a Very Popular and Genuine Paying Survey Site by which You can Make Upto 10$ Per day.Cashcrate have been in this Business for Past Few Years and very Much Trusted Survey Sites that Pays Regularly to the Survey Participants without any delay. How to Bypass Surveys Online But the Major Problem is that it is Available For Only USA and English Countries.If You are living in USA Then it is the Best Option for you to Earn Money Online Using Cashcrate Surveys.Cashcrate Survey Site Pays you between $1 – $5 per survey with a Very Good Frequency.You will Receive Surveys daily almost.Payment will be made via Check Initially and Afterward you can Choose For Paypal with a Minimum Payout of 10$.Earn More By Referring to Your Friends.

Best Survey Sites 2013

Visit Cashcrate


I have Been a Part of GlobalTestMarket since Past Few Years and I would really Say it is one of the Best Survey Sites with Regular Surveys Daily Almost.For Each Completed Survey You will Receive the Points Depending Upon the Survey Credited to your Account Instantly which you can Redeem them for Cash once you reach the Minimum Payout Threshold. How to Increase YouTube Buffering Speed The Best Part of GlobalTestMarket is that they are Spread Across 200 Different Countries with an Approximate of 5.5 Plus Million Users Registered to GlobalTestMarket.You will Receive Survey on Your Mails and Once you complete them Points will be Credited to your Account.You can Withdraw your Payment Using Check Which Usually takes about 8 weeks to Reach to you depending upon your Location.Refer to Your Friends and Family and Earn Incentives.

Best Survey Sites 2013

Visit GlobalTestMarket


Toluna has Become one of the Largest Survey Sites all across the World with Users Participating from almost all Countries.Survey Frequency is too Good sometimes you will receive upto 3-4 Surveys on a Single Day. How to Increase Google Chrome Speed Toluna Pays using Gift Vouchers which can be Redeemed for Online Shopping etc.You will be Rewarded with Points for Each Survey You Complete which then can be Redeemed for Gift Vouchers.You can even take Part in Polls where you can Ask,Answer,Question and hence earn Money by Participating into Different Polls and Completing Offers.Earn Money by Referring it to your Friends For Each Friend You Refer you will Receive Incentive Points.

Best Survey Sites 2013

Visit Toluna


SurveySavvy is also Very Popular Survey Site Spread Across all over the World with Participants From Different Countries.They have been in this Business From many Years and Top Genuine Paying Survey Company.You will Receive Survey of Very High Incentives Upto 20$ Per Survey But the Frequency of Survey is not so Good.Sometimes it takes about weeks to Receive a Single Survey but when You Receive them you can Earn a Lot of Money by Qualifying for the Survey and Completing with Correct Information because of Very High Incentives paid by the Surveys.You will be Paid by Check Regularly when you Reach Your Payment Threshold.

Visit SurveySavvy


Points2shop is a Top Genuine Paying Survey Site in which Users From Different Countries Can Participate.Earn Points By Completing Different Offers and by Completing Surveys.Win Prizes and Redeem Points For Gifts.You Can Win Awesome Prizes at Points2Shop worth lots of Money.The Top Feature of Points2shop is to Withdraw your Payment as Per Your Choice.

Best Survey Sites 2013

Visit Points2Shop –


Ipsos is a Very Famous Online Survey Community Where You can Take Part in Survey Depending upon Your Profile.Register Yourself at Ipsos and Take Surveys and Earn Money Onilne From For Free without paying any fees.Share Your Opinion with Different People all across the World and Earn Incentives which can be Redeemed for Gifts or Cash.

Best survey sites 2013

Visit Ipsos –


iPoll is been in this Survey Business from 2008 Founded by the Founders of which has Paid Over $5 Million Dollar to its Participants for taking Surves Online. Lava Iris504Q Review iPoll is an Online and Mobile Community where you will be paid for Sharing Your Views about Different Products and Services you Use.Participate in Polls and Get Rewards and Earn Money Online From Home,Office or School/College.Get 5$ Sign Up Reward Bonus for Registering at iPoll Survey Community and Start Earning Money Online From Now.

Visit iPoll –


Crowdology is a Very Interesting Survey Site where you get Survey Relating to UK’s Best Brands and Services to Know Customers Opinion therefore Crowdology is Best For those who are Living in UK Countries. How to Make Money Online Participate in Crowdology Polls and Surveys and Earn Money by Completing Surveys and Participating in Polls.You can Even Participate in Lucky Prize Draw every Month and Earn Expensive Products For Just Free.

Visit Crowdology –


Pollbuzzer is a Very Popular Online Survey Site where you can earn 1$ for Evey Survey Your Answer.Take Part in Completing Surveys and Polls and Increase Your Income by Doing More Surveys.Frequency of Surveys is very Good.You need to Have a Paypal Account to Get Your Payments.Register Now at Pollbuzzer and Start Earning Today.

Best survey sites 2013

Visit Pollbuzzer –

Other Popular Best Survey Sites 2013 :

  • Zoom Panel –
  • Mysurvey –
  • Pinecone –
  • Panel Opinion –

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  1. Hi Pankaj, I ve joined globaltestmarket and particiapting in surveys and I m getting a minimum of 5 points only every time. Is it genuine and if they want to reward us with cheques then do we receive on our address or they will ask for paypal account? I do not have paypal account. Please confirm is it mandatory to have paypal account/

    1. No you will Receive Payments via Cheque at your Address when you reach minimum Payment Threshold….Yeah It is totally Genuine….Though the Survey Points Depend upon the Type of Surveys Be a Member and You will Shortly Receive Surveys Upto 20-50 Points.

  2. hi pankaj…can you please tell me which of these is the best for earning?A

    1. Try For Surveysavvy or Toluna or Global Test market they are good for Asia…..

  3. Hi Pankaj,

    Are we also suppose to share our genuine names while registering with these websites? Just for our security? Kindly guide. Thank you

    1. Yeah You Must Use Your Genuine name else you will face payment Problems….

  4. Hi Pankaj,
    Thanks for helping by these sites can u please tell me is their any other method by which i can get good income

    1. You can Try Blogging…

  5. yeah pankaj is the one website is enough for earn more money or register into 3 or more website….

    1. It totally depends on you if you want to earn more it is better to register on more than One Site…..

  6. Is there any age limit or so to be a part of the survey??

    1. It depends on which Survey Site you are Using because each company has its own rules and regulations but generally it is 18 years old and above…..

  7. for people in hyderabad which survey sites are avaialble
    some sites u mentioned are only for us and uk etc

    1. You can Try Global Test Market,Toluna or Survey Savvy….

  8. I am having 1700 points in toluna. Is that i am able to get those as cash.thank u.

    1. No you can’t cash them….

  9. · Edit

    Thanks for helping by these sites can you please tell me is their any other method by which I can get good income.

    1. Yeah there are but most of them requires investment like blogging or professional data entry jobs etc….

  10. What is the minimum limit for redeem the points in the site GlobalTestMarket ?

    1. The minimum number of MarketPoints required to redeem is 1,000.

  11. Hi…Thanks for helping by these sites…you r doing a great job….and helping many people earn a reasonable income from working at home…….

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Dear Friend!!!!

      1. Hi Pankaj,

        Thanks for the reply to each person questions…good job…could you pls tell me the time i should devote/day to earn good money.


        1. It depends upon the surveys you receive….1-2hr is quite good if you receive sufficient surveys daily….

  12. Hello bro can u tell me 1000points is equal to what amount of cash INR at GlobalTestMarket

    1. 1000 Global Test Market Points equals to 50$

  13. How can we earn through blogging….
    Please reply me….

  14. Hello Pankaj,
    You are doing a great job man. You are appreciated for replying to each post. I have joined in all those to help my retired father. And, I am waiting for my first turn to receive cash/price money. And, now I have also gained enough knowledge from your’s. Thanks friend

    1. Thanks friend…I hope you do earn well with these sites 🙂

  15. · Edit

    Dear Pankaj Kumar,
    Is still these sites are working. Can i Go ahead to join Toluna.Kindly reply

    1. Yeah You can join Toluna


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