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Are you tired of getting Surveys while Downloading Required files,eBooks or Software’s online ? – Just Read this Post to Learn How to Bypass Surveys Online.We all are very much familiar with Surveys which we often do in our real life sometimes in Paper whereas sometimes filling up Surveys Online related to Our Lifestyle,Products,Job and much more .In past years surveys were used to analyze or collect data from people but now a days they have become a Source of Monetization more as compared to collecting relevant Correct Data from the People worldwide.In my Previous Posts I have Already Discussed about Best Online Survey sites 2013 Genuine Paying that lets you earn extra income from Internet without Investing any money but Here we are not talking about those surveys sites we are focusing on Sites that asks for filling up Surveys in order to Progress to another webpage or download relevant files.You will Find these surveys often while downloading files or watching some content and these surveys take very long time to Complete before you can download or watch Your Required Content Online.You must have stuck in middle facing Survey filling while downloading your files or navigating to some other webpages. Whatsapp for PC Without Using Bluestacks There are lots of software’s or tools that claims to bypass these surveys for free but truly speaking most of them are fake.Even sometimes after completing the Surveys you can’t get access to the required files which happens a lot of time for most of the users and then it keeps saying that you have already completed the survey without letting you download your required file.So Here I am Providing you with working verified and tested tools that really works by letting you successfully bypass surveys online.Read below given different methods on How to Bypass Surveys online.

How to Bypass surveys Online – Must Read Before Trying

How to Bypass surveys Online 2013 Working Methods – Generally these Survey are found on files hosted on Sharecash or Fileice where the user who has uploaded the files get paid every time a user completes the survey for accessing the uploaded file by the User.You will find these surveys in more than 50% cases where you need to download the files.Bypassing the Surveys is not very much easy you will find hundreds of different methods to bypass surveys online but the real truth behind these methods is that some of them are fake or some work partially but there are a few methods which really works by bypassing these surveys still we can’t guarantee that these methods will 100% work because of the increasing security used by the survey sites. Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment Therefore Here I am here providing you with different methods on How to Bypass Surveys online which I have personally tested but still no guarantee that it will work for you also.Try Using the methods and check which one works the best for you.See below to learn How to Bypass surveys Online 2013.

How to Bypass surveys Online | Sharecash | Fileice – Working

Method 1 : Using Online Sites – Surveybypass | Howtobypasssurveys

Surveybypass and Howtobypasssurveys are two most Popular sites to remove or bypass surveys completely for free.They allow survey bypass for all the major hosts like Sharecash,Fileice,Cleanfiles,cash-file,Adwork media,File fire,File flare,Dengee and uploadables.

Using Survyebypass Site :

You just need to go to Surveybypass official website and there Just paste the URL of the the page where you are getting the Survey form and then just click on GO Button.It will now Provide You with direct download link of the file which you want to download without asking for survey anymore.See the below Screenshot for detailed overview on Surveybypass site.

Bypass surveys online

Using Howtobypasssurveys :

Unlike Surveybypass site here in Howtobypasssurveys you need to manually download the Survey bypasser tool on Your PC which is just of 1MB.Here in the ENTER LINK box just paste the URL of the the page where you are getting the Survey form and then Select your File Host then Just select the Directory where you want to save the downloaded file and Click on the Download Button.

Method – 2 : Using Survey Killer App

Survey Killer is a free utility tool that lets you download or access the required content without filling up the surveys.Though this survey killer application works only for Files hosted on Sharecash Site but still you can try converting mirror to sharecash link using the Convert mirror to Sharecash link.You just need to put the Valid Sharecash URL in the Link Box and then Click on the Download File Button.That’s all and your file will be downloaded shortly.See the below Screenshot for detailed overview on Sharecash Survey Killer app.

Survey Killer Tool Download

Method – 3 : Using Webbrowser Extension

You can also Use Survey bypasser extensions on Your Web browsers i.e Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox.Here I am Providing you Bypass Surveys Extension for Google Chrome which gives you the Option to Block Surveys automatically whenever they are detected.It has been tested on several survey links and works fine but still there are cases when it fails in bypassing the Survey.

  • Only For Chrome – Install Bypass Surveys Extension

Method – 4 : Disabling Javascript

You can also Disable JavaScript of Your Web browser to Remove the Surveys Completely.Sometimes this Method works whereas sometimes it fails but still you can try for your own and see if it works for You.

How to Disable JavaScript on Firefox :

  • Open Your Firefox and Click on Firefox button and then Click on Options.
  • Navigate to Content Tab.
  • Here Untick the Box Enable Javascript as shown below in the Image.

How to Bypass surveys online Firefox

  • That’s all and You have successfully disabled JavaScript.

How to Disable Javascript on Chrome :

  • Open Google Chrome and Click on the Wrench icon at the Top
  • There Select Settings option.
  • Now Click on Show Advance Settings.
  • Now Click on Content Settings Under Privacy Section.
  • Here Just Check Do not allow any site to run JavaScript Option.

How to bypass surveys online Chrome

Note – Important

As said in the starting of the post we don’t guarantee that these methods will 100% work for you but have tested by most of the Users therefore if you face any problem while using the Above methods please tell us or if you get to know any other working method to bypass surveys online please tell us and we will update it soon.That’s all in How to Bypass surveys Online.

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