Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment | Genuine Earn Online

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment | Genuine Earn Online : Have You Ever Thought or Considered of Earning Money Online with Data Entry Jobs without Investment i.e Free of Cost ? – Internet is One of the Most Popular Income Source for Most of the People all over the World Especially in US Countries.We Daily Use Internet for Browsing or Downloading Purposes but Never think of Earning Money Online and if You think you don’t find the Right Option which is the Best Online Job that You can Do without Any Investment and Whether the Company For Which Your are Working are Scam or Not.But Don’t Worry You are now at the Right Place to Earn Money Online From Internet Without Any Extra Investments.Top 10 Best Android Phones You will Find lots of Online Earning Methods i.e Surveys,Clicking Advertisements,Filling up Forms etc. of which some of them are Free while Some Charges you Registration Fees.Working From Online has Given a Life that most of the People Dream and is a very Safe Method to Earn Money at Home without any Extra Investments.So Here We are Focusing only on Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment.Online Data Entry Jobs are the Best Method to Earn Money Online Without any Investment by Doing Work From Your Home or School or College etc.It has Helped a Lots of People to Earn Money and You can be Now one of them.The Most Amazing Fact about Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment is that they Don’t Require Any Specialization or Experience to Do these Works.You can Simply Do these Works if You have General or Basic Knowledge of English with a Good Typing Speed.Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment are the Best Method to Earn Money Online Specially For Students or House Wife’s and Much More. Make Free Voice Calls Anywhere  are Various Types of Online Data Entry Jobs available on the Internet that allows you to Work from Home by Filling the Form Details etc but most of them Require Registration Fees therefore Here we are Discussing to Earn money Online by Typing the CAPTCHA which is one of the Best option as Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment.Lets Get Started with Understanding these Online Data Entry Jobs.Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment India and All over the World Read below Guide.

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment |Genuine Earn Online

Megatypers – A Genuine Paying Company

Megatypers is one of the Popular Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment Company that gives you a Chance to Earn Money Online by Typing Captcha’s Displayed on the Computer Screen But For this Must Have a Good Typing Speed. How to Increase YouTube Buffering Speed It is one of the Trusted Companies that really Pays its Registered Workers or Users.You will be Given 15 Seconds to Enter the Captcha Displayed on the Screen Correctly which requires a very Fast Typing Speed else you will be Failed to Earn Money.Payments are on the Basis of Per 1000 Captcha Images Entered by You Correctly they will Pay you around 0.5$-1$ Depending Upon Your Skills and Level.The More You Type the Captcha the More You will Earn Per Hour.It also Supports Affiliate Marketing i.e the More No. of Referrals you make the More you will Earn.

Earnings Example – Suppose You are Earning 1$ For Every 1000 Images Daily therefore Your Monthly Income will be 30*1 = 30$ and Now If You have 100 Referrals Under You and they Do the Same amount of Work as You are Doing Now therefore Your Total Earnings will be 100*30*10% = 300$ Therefore Your Total Monthly Income will be 300$ + 30$ = 330$ That’s a Very Good Income.

Paying Rates Example

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Important Points to Remember

  • Payments are Done on Every Monday and The Minimum Check Out is 3$
  • Payment Options – Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve and Western Union
  • Making Multiple ID’s can Get You Banned or Typing CAPTCHA Wrongly Many times can even lead to Ban.

How to Register at Megatypers

  • Just Visit their Official Website –
  • Click For Signup For A New Account.
  • Now It will Ask You For a Invitation Code Type any these 6QLK or 6QLL
  • That’s all and Now You will Be Registered and Now You can Start Doing Work From Right Now.

Protypers – A Genuine Paying Company

Protypers is Also Very much Similar to Megatypers that Pays you as Per 1000 CAPTCHA Images typed by You.They have a Very Fluctuating Hours Rate therefore You will be Paid between 0.50$-1.50$ Per 1000 Images Depending on the Hour You are Working.The Most Amazing Feature of Pro Typers is that You will have Never to Wait For Typing the CAPTCHA the Soon You type the CAPTCHA and Press Enter the Next Moment a New Captcha will before Your.The More You type and the Fast You Type the More You will Earn.

  • Register at Protypers –

Note – Important : Must Read

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment India and All over the World Must Read : Though They are Genuine Paying Companies but it is Very Much Difficult to Earn through these Sites as it requires a lot of Typing Effort for which you should have a Decent Typing Speed and You have to Type the CAPTCHA Correctly in order to Get the Payments.Also Sometimes this Payment per 1000 Images Fluctuates very Much Sometime Offering you upto 1$ whereas sometime you will be offered only 0.50$ therefore it is Not the Best Option to Earn Money Especially if You are a Student so Focus on Your Studies. How to Increase Google Chrome Speed Therefore For Me 1$ is not Good Enough for 1000 Images after doing such a Hectic Task therefore Personally I will Not Recommend it Using this so Try Using Survey Sites for Earning Money Online Without Investment and they also Pay a very good amount of Money.Some of the Popular Survey Sites are Global TestMarket , Toluna , The Panel Station ,Survey Savvy etc.

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34 thoughts on “Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment | Genuine Earn Online

  1. just now i join in toluna but i can’t under stand how they give me money in my paypal account.please help me urgent

    • You Need to Create Paypal Account at Paypal and When You reach Minimum Threshold Payment will be Transferred to Your Paypal….

    • NITHIN KUMAR says:

      hi bro,
      i started an account in global test market one week ago. still i didn’t get any survey in my mail. please help me.

      • Wait for few days since You are new member….Also it depends upon Your Profile information that you have filled in Global Test Market….


    i like it…………

  3. vivek kumar says:

    boss megatyper and protyper is tooo slow we cant type chapatcha more than 200-300 daily
    and if any one want 200 chaptcha daily he will spend definitely 5 hours so i think megatyper is not earnable site

  4. parag nondon barua says:

    i am inspired

  5. Subhasish Chakraborty says:

    Hi, I don’t have any bank accounts, so how can i get the payments. Will you please comment on that.

  6. Where would i get the invitation code??

  7. Ashwini Tanwani says:

    Hi Pankaj
    Do u need to give entry fee to join those survey companies

  8. How do i get my paypal account …
    can you help for me…..

    • You just need to Register at Paypal Official Website and then Just Add your Bank account details for fund transfers…

  9. Hi Pankaj
    Can u tell me how to verify my paypal account plz

    • Just Add Your PAN Card Details and Your Bank Account Details and wait for few days and then follow the Instructions after your Bank Account is Verified…

  10. Sandeep Kumar Sharma says:

    Hi Pankaj,

    I got some point on toluna site. whether i get it them in cash or only get the things that they shown on screen. In both condition what will be the process. please help me.


  11. are you really receiving payments from megatypers. is it reliable to work in that? Pls guide me.

  12. If i If we r not having any bank account or pan card how can we get the payment.Is there any other way.Will any problem arise in creating paypal

  13. athsalal bhony says:

    Hi i like to work by online so guide me n how i get invitation code pls help me

  14. Nithyanand Ravindran says:

    I Think it is a good website

  15. sir i register for survey site. how can they pay money ?
    it does not ask account no(toluna is the site)

  16. hii….i regstrd in global test market…n hw do dey actly pay d rewards…n can i know hw much reward points shld i get minimum to be paid…

  17. Does paypal charge money later after creating account or is it free for life time transferring money?

    • You won’t be charged additional fees but paypal would deduct some money depending upon the amount you are exchanging through paypal as commission….

  18. durgram mohan says:


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