Dual Booting With Windows 8

It is Seen that Most of the Users are facing Difficulties While Dual booting Other OS With Windows 8 So in this Post I am Going To tell You THREE Different Methods To FIX the Dual Booting Problem.Microsoft Windows 8 Uses a Whole New Metro Boot Loader Feature that was not used in Earlier Version of Microsoft Windows and This Metro Boot Loader Plays a Significant Role in Causing Frustration for Most of the Users While Dual Booting Windows 8 With Different OS.In Earlier Version of Windows When you have more than one OS installed than Just after the BIOS screen it shows the option to Select Which OS you want to boot But In Microsoft Windows 8 Because of this New Metro Boot loader First Windows 8 is Booted and Then it shows the Option to Select the Other OS and After Selecting the Different OS the Computer first Reboots and then the OS is Booted and thus taking a lot of time and Causing Frustration For the Users.But There is No need to Worry Here are Some Simple Methods Discussed To FIX the Dual Booting With Windows 8.

Dual Booting With Windows 8 – Three Different Ways

By Disabling the Metro Boot Loader Feature

You can Permanently Disable this New Metro Boot Loader Feature and Get Back the Old Style Boot Menu which will Display you to Select the OS after the BIOS Screen We have already Discussed How to Disable and Re-Enable Metro Boot Loader Feature in Our Previous Posts

Learn How to Disable Metro Boot Loader Feature From Here

Using Command Prompt (cmd)

You can Also Use Command Prompt as Windows 8 Comes with a Built-in Shutdown Command So Execute the Following Command to Select the Other Installed OS

shutdown.exe /r/o

By Using Advance Start-up Options

Microsoft Windows 8 Comes with a whole New Advance Start-up Option Feature by which You can Directly choose and Boot other Installed OS

  • First of all You need to Open the Windows Settings ( You can Open the Settings by Moving your Mouse Cursor to the Right Corner of Windows and Then Selecting Settings Option ) as shown belowDual Booting With Windows 8
  • After Selecting the Settings It will show a new Window and there Click on “Change PC Settings” as shown belowDual Booting With Windows 8
  • Now it will take you Up to PC Settings Screen Where you have to Select General Tab by Scrolling Down to the Bottom as
  • After Clicking General Tab On the Right Hand Side You will See Advance Start-up Under Which A “Restart Now” button is located and Click on “Restart Now” buttonDual Booting With Windows 8
  • Wait for few Seconds a New Screen Will Open Where it Shows You the Option to ‘Use Another Operating System’ and thus Selecting the Desired OS according to your Choice as shown belowDual Booting With Windows 8


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  1. thanks boss its working cani find solution for windows 8 i can’t change my personalization

    1. I have Mailed You a Tool to Fix Your Personalization Problem……Just Check it Out


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