How to Secure (Lock and Unlock) Your Computer Using Pendrive (USB)

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Now a days everyone wants full security for their Computer because of some private and confidential data but this cannot be achieved only by means of setting password in computer as it can be cracked So it can also be done by means of using a flash USB Pendrive (lock and unlock your computer) in order to prevent access to unauthorized persons.So here is a software called Predator that provides a unique security system for your computer .This software turns your USB pendrive into a special key so that your computer can be accessed only when it is plugged in to the USB drive otherwise it will remain locked and by no means it can be accessed.So this software offers a simple way to lock your computer in a very high security mode.Without plugging in the USB Pendrive if anyone tries to use or access your Computer a dialog box will open saying “Access Denied” thereby securing your computer without your presence.

Unique and Advanced Features of Predator Software :

  • Predator will send an alert message to your email account if any unauthorized person tries to access your computer
  • Predator can even take the picture of the person who is trying to access your computer and will send it to you
  • Predator also monitors all the security events and stores them into a log file and by this log file you can get all the information about what has been accessed through your computer in your absence
  • Predator also disables the Windows task manager so that no one can stop the USB process.
  • If in case you lose your USB pendrive there is also an option in the Software that can help you regain your access to your computer as when your start this software for the first time it will ask you to set a password and thus this password can be used to access your computer.


So here are simple instructions on How to secure Your computer Using Predator Software

  • Download this Software and install it (You can Download it by clicking the Download link here Download Windows -32 bit and Download Windows -64 bit)
  • Now insert any USB pendrive that you want to be used as key for the computer and Run the Predator software
  • After inserting USB pendrive this software will ask you to set a password and thus set your password
  • In the Software you will a see option named Preferences where you can change your current password and set it to new if you want to do this will help you when you lose your Pendrive You can check the box Always required if you want that it asks for password everytime you insert a pendrive.
  • Now if you want to leave your computer alone just plug out your USB pen drive and there after the Screen will get darkened and mouse and keyboard will get disabled
  • When you replug your USB pendrive the computer will come back to normal mode


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  1. Locking a computer using an USB drive can be done using a software “folder security 1.0.2”. With this software we can lock and unlock our computer with USB drives and also we can block and unblock USB ports and we can prevent data copying. This works perfect and a very best software.

  2. IS this fully secured.I mean will I be able disable this security without the device???

    1. Yes of-course this security can be disabled without the device in-case if the device is lost or broken……!

      This could be done by clicking “I Lost My Pendrive” button at the bottom left corner of the screen,
      this will promote you to enter the master password of the software. Once the computer is unlocked you will find a window with the options for disabling and changing the device.


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