Windows 8 No device Drivers were found : FIXED

Windows 8 No device Drivers were found Fix

This is a very rare problem that some users face during the installation of Microsoft Windows 8 During the installation of windows 8 you might face an error something like this ” No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click ok “ This can be a very annoying error and can’t be ignored and thus this error does not allow to install the windows 8 . So it can prove to be disaster for those who wants to experience the latest features of windows 8 and can ruin their dream . so here are some steps that you can try to avoid to get this error No device drivers were found” and enjoy the latest features of Microsoft Windows 8

Windows 8 No device Drivers were found

Reasons for “No device drivers were found” error:

  • ¬†Due to incomplete Windows 8 files or maybe some files are missing Check the size of ISO that you have downloded ( ACTUAL SIZE Around 2.8 GB for windows 8-32 bit and Around 3.6 GB for windows 8-64 bit)
  • ¬†Installing the Windows 8 making USB BOOTABLE A VERY RARE CASE

Solutions :

  • First Make sure you have the proper and complete windows 8 ISO compare it with the above given ISO Size
  • Use DVD to install the Windows 8 instead of using the USB Pendrive
  • Also make sure to remove any external media attached to your computer during the installation


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