Best Ways to Shorten URL 2016 : Top URL Shorteners

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Are you looking for Best Ways to Shorten URL 2016 ? – If yes, then just go through this detailed guide that has complete list of Best URL Shortener Websites 2016. URL Shorteners are great tools which makes your link sharing experience a bit better than the conventional method. It allows you to share links on social media without clogging up the post with long links. This would specially come in handy when you are trying to share a complete link on twitter, but don’t want to waste the valuable characters on twitter.

Best Ways to Shorten URL 2016

If you share your post on other social media networks like Facebook, then it is always recommended to use shortened URL while sharing your links as it is not only good, but also makes your post less cultured. In today’s round we have made the list of best URL shortening websites and extension to show you the best ways to shorten URL. Check below list of best URL shortener websites.

Best Ways to Shorten URL : Best Websites to Shorten URL 2016

1 – Shorten URL with by Google is the Google’s URL shortner service which comes with simple to use user interface. This is also one of the most popular URL shortening service. All you have to do is login using your Google account on and start shortening your URLs.

The good thing, you can keep track of all your shortened URLs, how many clicks it has recieved etc. You can also use without login into your Google account, but this would not allow you track the stats.  It also gives a QR code for each of your shortened URLs.

2 – Use to Shorten your URL is popular for links. This is one of the most popular link shortening service and also one of the earliest link shortening service to be available. it also comes with several features along with its easy to use interface.  With you can track all your links and the total clicks for each link through its interface. A new feature in allows you to view “Your Network”. However, unlike, you will not get different links for same URL.

3 – Tiny URL – Best URL Shortener 

TinyURL is yet  another URL Shortening service which allows you to shorten your URL with ease. It is said to be the oldest player of the market. It has a very simple yet easy to use user interface. All you have to do is visit the website, enter your URL and click on make TinyURL. Once done, you will see the shortened URL in the next field. You can use its preview tool to view the original URL before you proceed. This helps you to have a preview before posting your URL in social media.

4 – – Best URL Shortener is yet another URL Shortening service, but comes with a unique features which is not available on any other URL Shorteners and that is it’s ability to let the user upload a picture or documents with your shortened URL. It also gives unique URL for each link unlike Bitly. The company is also planning to launch video service which will allow the users to upload a video with the URL which later could be downloaded.

Browser Extensions to Shorten URL – Fasten your Process

If you are not good with visiting the URL Shortening website then you can try the below given extension for the same. Using URL Shortening extension is another best way to Shorten URL.

  • Bitly Sidebar Bookmarklet : This would work on almost every browser. It is a java script power tool which resides in your bookmarks bar. To shorten a URL, click on the bookmarklet, paste your URL and click on Shorten and then copy.
  • Cutyfox for Firefox : Cutyfox is a Firefox extension and allows you to shorten your URL. It supports almost every URL shortening services including,, etc. You can see the Cutyfox on the left or the URL bar and when you click it, it will shorten the current URL and automatically copy it to the clipboard.

So these are the best ways to shorten URL. Do check them out and let us know your pick in the comment below.

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