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Have an SBI Account but don’t have a valid Credit Card ? – If that’s the case don’t worry because today Here I am going to share how you can make online credit card payments without having a physical Credit Card. Well this sounds crazy but yeah if you have a SBI Account with Internet banking enabled on your SBI Account then you can easily make credit card payments online by Creating SBI Virtual Card Online. There are some payment gateways where only Credit Cards are accepted like while making payments for online vendors based outside India that accepts payment in currency other than Indian Rupees so in these cases it becomes mandatory to have a credit card so as to complete the order. Therefore by using SBI Virtual card as an alternative to Credit Card you can easily complete your orders online. Check Below How to Create SBI Virtual Card Online.

What are the Benefits of Having SBI Virtual Card Online ?

  • The first and foremost benefit of creating SBI Virtual Card is that it provides lot of security from online frauds or account hacks since the card created is temporary one lasting for just 48 hours from the time of creation.
  • Secondly if you don’t poses a valid debit or credit card or in case you have lost your card but want to make payment online to such payment gateway that accepts only debit or credit card for payment processing.

Important Facts About SBI Virtual Card – A Must Know

  • The Virtual Card can be used for making payments online only.
  • There is no fees for Creating or Using SBI Virtual Card. Its FREE.
  • Minimum amount Rs 100 and Maximum Rs 50,000 for Creation.
  • Unused or unbilled amount will be credited after 48 hrs to account.
  • The Card validity or usage period is just 48 hrs from the creation time.

How to Create SBI Virtual Card Online – Steps to Follow

As I said above in order to create SBI Virtual Card online you must have a valid SBI Account with Internet Banking enabled on your account. Therefore if you have all these pre-requistives then please proceed on with the below mentioned steps :

  • Login to Online SBI Internet Banking Service -> There you will see a tab for e-Cards -> Just Select e-Cards and then you will be shown page for SBI Virtual Card Creation as shown below in the screen shot.

How to Create SBI Virtual Card - 1

  • Then you will be asked to select your SBI Account and Enter the amount of which you want the card to be credited -> Click on Generate Button as shown below in the Screen shot below.

How to Create SBI Virtual Card - 2

  • After that you will be shown with an Image of your Generated SBI Virtual VISA Card having 16 Digit Card Number, Card Holder Name, CVV and Expiry Date.

How to Create SBI Virtual Card Online - 3

  • That’s it you SBI Virtual Card Creation is over. You can now start making payments online via this SBI Virtual Card for 48 hours from the time of generation. Thanks!

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