How to Write Symbols in Word like Sigma,Mu etc

We all Use Microsoft Word , Text Editors , Word Processors in Our Daily Life For Completing Our Projects .But Have You Ever Thought Of Writing Symbols Like Sigma,Alpha,mu,Beta,Gamma etc in a Microsoft Word .Most of Us are Not aware on How to Write these Symbols in Word So they Try to Copy and Paste these Symbols from Internet whenever they need them So Here in this I am Going to tell you a very Simple Method to Write all these Difficult Symbols in a Very Easy and convenient Way in Microsoft Word.This Methods Works For all Word Processors , Text Editors , Even in Browsers and Email Clients.So Here is a Step By Step Guide On How to Write these Symbols in Word or any Text Editors

How to Write Symbols in Word : Steps to Follow

  • First of all Open Microsoft Word or Text Editor or Browser where You want to Write the Symbols
  • Now Press NumLock on the Keyboard and Set it to NumLock Mode
  • Now Hold down the ALT key on the Keyboard and Write the Numbers Using Numpad ( Numbers are Given Below For Different Types of Symbols)

Type 224 for – Alpha

Type 225 for – Beta

Type 226 for – Factorial

Type 227 for – Pie

Type 228 for – Summation

Type 229 for – Sigma

Type 230 for – Mu

Type 231 for – Tow

Type 232 for – Phase or Angle

Type 234 for – Ohm

Type 235 for – Del

Type 236 for – Infinity

Type 238 for – Permittivity

Type 241 for – Sum and Difference

Type 242 for – Greater than Equal to

Type 243 for  – Less than Equal to

Type 244 for  – Upper half of integration sign

Type 245 for – Lower half of integration sign

Type 246 for – Divide

Type 247 for – Approximation

Type 248 for – Degree

Type 251 for – Root

Type 252 for – Raise to the Power n

Type 253 for – Raise to the Power of 2



Note – Many Laptops have a Blue FN key that Changes a Set of Keys So Please Check That Key Before Doing this


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