Brain Blink Review : Start Challenging your Brain and Friends

It’s a great feeling to introduce our first own developed android game known as Brain Blink a total brain teaser where you not only challenge your own concentration skills but can also compete with your friends by challenging them. Brain blink gameplay is completely unique and one of its kind offering a very addictive gameplay ensuring that you don’t get bored at any moment while playing. Brain blink is the right game if you are looking for improving your concentration skills with the help of games.

Brain Blink Review

What you need to do in this mind challenging game is to  find the right Kid to get through without tapping on the wrong kid where the Kids are hiding every where like Hidden Objects.Just concentrate on your display screen and note the difference among the kids and surely you will succeed finding the right path to follow.

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Brain Blink Review : Game Features At a Glance

  • Unique concept and one of its kind game play.
  • Though Difficult but very addictive game play.
  •  Like a puzzle or Maze where you have to find the right Kid to get through.

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