Pattern Lock for Windows 7/8/XP/Vista – FREE Download

Are you looking for a pattern lock for your Windows PC or Laptop similar to what you have seen in your touchscreen smartphones or tablets ? – If yes, then you are absolutely at the right place to get rid of the old default password protection method for your system.Pattern lock feature has provided a new flexibility and ease of operation while locking your system thus preventing it from being used by unauthorized people without your permission.I have seen thousands of users forgetting their system password oftenly thereby creating lots of problem while accessing the windows so if you are one of them facing difficulty while remembering these long passwords you don’t need to worry anymore because here I am providing you with a simple and very reliable method of locking your system by using Pattern lock for Windows which is far easier to remember and impossible to crack.

Why to choose Pattern Lock instead of setting up default password protection ?

  • Pattern lock is much easier to remember as compared of remembering long passwords.
  • Cannot be easily cracked so your are safe from the hackers or unauthorized access to your system.

Warning Please don’t forgot your pattern so it is better to write it down somewhere if in-case you forget it.

Pattern Lock for Windows 7/8/XP/Vista – Best FREE Software’s

Eusing Maje Lock – FREE Version

Eusing Maje lock is all new software that provides the pattern lock feature for your windows pc or laptop similar to what you have seen and used in your latest touchscreen smartphones or tablets.It is a totally amazing and free to use software that lets you lock your pc with your own cutomized maje or pattern.You simply need to provide or set the unlock pattern which you want to use for unlocking your system.You can have look at the installation guide on Eusing maje lock below.Get Eusing Maje Lock pattern lock for windows from here.

Key features of Eusing Maje Lock :

  • 3 Different patterns available – 3×3 / 4×4 / 5×5
  • Autolock your computer while it is idle.
  • Quick and easy lock with just simple one click.
  • Lock your computer at the Windows startup.
  • 100% Sypware and Virus Free Application.

How to Use Eusing Maje lock  ?

After downloading Eusing Maje lock from the above given link just simply install it on your system and when you will run it for the first time it will provide you with a default pattern lock that is in the form of Z which you can reset by clicking on the reset button and thus setting up your own unlock pattern by connecting the dots together.

Screenshot – 1

Pattern Lock for Windows : Eusing Maze Lock - 1

Screenshot – 2

Pattern Lock for Windows : Eusing Maze Lock - 2

Note – Whenever you want to lock your system you need to click on the tray icon and your computer will be locked at the same moment.

XUS PC Lock – PAID Version

Unlike Eusing maje lock it is not available for free instead of that you have to pay to get a licensed version but still you can try it in trial mode before purchasing it but features are very similar to Eusing maje lock.XUS PC lock comes with more functionalties as compared to the free version Eusing maje lock in which you can set a alarm which will warn you for incorrect login attempts and you can also set the number of points that you want to use for pattern.You can have a look at its key features below.Get XUS PC Lock pattern lock for windows from here.

  • Download and Install XUS PC Lock from here

Key features of XUS PC Lock :

  • 3 Different patterns available – 3×3 / 4×4 / 5×5
  • Autolock your computer while it is idle.
  • Disconnect from internet while PC is locked.
  • Lock you computer at the time of Windows startup.
  • Available in Trial Mode (20$ for Full Version)

Verdict :

Both the above listed apps are quite good to use applications out of which Eusing maje lock is available for free whereas XUS PC Lock is a paid application but both these apps serves their purpose as per the user satisfaction rate providing the best security for your computer with a simple and easy to use Interface which means you don’t need to be an expert to use these apps.They also provide you with configuration settings options where you can select from different pattern sizes i.e 3×3,4×4 or 5×5 depending upon your choice.So if you are tired of the old deafult password setting procedure or trying to get rid of this you can simply use anyone of the above listed tools and secure your computer.

Disclaimer – Must Read

We are not responsible for any harm that comes to your system after trying the above procedure it is intended to be used for information purpose only.

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