Turn off keyboard clicks vibration sounds S4, S3, NOTE 2, NEXUS, MOTO G

If you own an Android device operating on Android OS 4.1.2 Jelly bean or later version then you might have observed your keyboard vibration and sounds while typing the character which is quite annoying and irritating for most of the users. I don’t why this feature has been added but all the users that i have met so far looked very upset because of this and find no clue on how to turn off keyboard click vibration sounds on their Android device so here in this article I am going to tell you the proper method to Turn off keyboard clicks vibration sounds on your android device without any hassle. In previous android versions there was a direct option to turn off the keyboard tapping sounds via settings -> sounds but now in latest Android OS this option has been moved from Sounds settings to Language and Input section which sometimes becomes difficult for novice users to trace but it is quite easy after once you learn the whole procedure.

Though you must remember the procedure remains the same for all the android devices no matter which android Smartphone you are using but the only difference lies in the keyboard input that you are using while typing. If you own an android device other than Google Nexus or Moto G that have been especially designed by Google itself you will notice that in other Smartphone’s you will found two different keyboard inputs i.e. one that is by default of Google and other one by Samsung or Asus depending upon your android device manufacturer.

How to Turn off keyboard clicks vibration sounds – Steps to Follow

As mentioned earlier the steps remains same for all the Smartphone except for a little difference that is the keyboard input that you are using which will be cleared to you if you have any doubt regarding this by reading the below instructions.

Note – Reference Images taken from MOTO G Smartphone

Steps to Follow :

  • Go to your Android Settings and Select Language and Input as shown below.

Turn off keyboard clicks - 1

  • Here Under Keyboard and Inputs method section click on the icon to the right of Google Keyboard as shown below.

Turn off keyboard clicks - 2

Note – In case you own a Samsung Smartphone for example S4 or Note 2 Click on the gear like icon to the right of Samsung keyboard as shown below.

  • Here you will find different keyboard options like Vibrate on key press, Sound on key press, Key-tap vibration, Key-tap sounds etc

Note – If you own a Samsung Smartphone you will find these option after Selecting Advanced options.

  • So Just Uncheck them as per your needs accordingly.

Turn off keyboard clicks - 3

  • That’s all and you are all done.

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  1. This information is really helpful and it works out.
    Thanks for the information.


  2. Your information re switching off vibration when typing worked. I can happily type away now.


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