5 features that you should look for in a plagiarism tool

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Most people use a plagiarism checker to check for plagiarism in the article. The students, teachers, researchers, professors check their assignments, research papers, reports, etc.

The issue of plagiarism in articles is very common although this act is strictly prohibited still many people steal the work of different writers.

If you like the content of other writers and want to use it in your article, then cite them properly and hyperlink that writer on your website, but we mostly ignore this fact and using the content of another writer by making minor changes in it (that’s still the same).

When it comes to plagiarism checkers, you should look for the following features,

 Features you should look for in the plagiarism checker:

Security and privacy:

Are you sure that the article which you are checking in the plagiarism checker is safe and cannot be used by anyone? Have you ever read the security, terms and regulation of these tools?

Probably, you don’t check for it. Give it a second thought Most tools who are checking your articles for free are not really free. They cause you more damage than benefits. Be careful while using these free plagiarism checkers as they can mess up with the privacy of your articles.

Make sure you read all the privacy guidelines and they are not using your article anywhere.

Support multiple formats:

Many tools only allow sharing the URL or copy-paste the article, which is annoying sometimes.

An efficient plagiarism checker is user-friendly and supports all the files whether they are pdf files, word files, google drives, PS files, etc. The ease of sharing multiple format files makes it convenient for the users to use this tool and to check in it for future usage.

Detects citations and references:

Many plagiarism checkers do not do a good job of checking the article properly. The system of checking plagiarism in the article is very poor and it can’t even cite the quotes and other references etc.

Some tools can’t even detect the copy-paste article from a website. If you are using this type of plagiarism detector, then you will never know about plagiarism in the articles.

Make sure that the tool you are using can check plagiarism with proper references. Some plagiarism detectors show the percentage of plagiarism but the detector does not highlight the particular plagiarized content by giving reference to the matching article.

Sometimes the lines in the article in the content overlap with the content of other articles simultaneously.

A plagiarism checker highlight the article in differentapp colours, usually, red color is used for plagiarized content or improper citations.

Multi-language support and customer support.:

A convenient tool support multiple languages. It makes it convenient for users all over the world to check for plagiarism in the articles.

A live support should be available 24/7 so that a user could ask about their concerns at any time. The well-established system of some companies providing such tools has online chat support for customers.

Fast and free to use:

An ai plagiarism checker do not take a long time for detecting the articles. A plagiarism detectors check the article in few minutes and a well-developed plagiarism checker can do this job in seconds.

You don’t need to spend money on a paid version of plagiarism cheker if you’re required to check only 2 to 3 articles a day, However, if you own an agency where you regularly need to check the articles and there are a bulk of articles every day then it’s better to use a premium version of plagiarism checker.

The premium version use deep search technology to check plagiarism of content and allows you to check unlimited words in a single time.

Must have features of a plagiarism detector:

·       Safety of the data:

The safety of the content is ensured, it is not used by the website or any other pirated software. Always consider a tool that makes sure all your data is in safe hands.

·       References and citations:

A plagiarism detector should have a system that could detect plagiarism by giving reference to the matched content. It should show results In an arranged manner to understand how much content is exactly mactched, paraphrased or cited by the source.

·       Supports multiple files:

A plagiarism detector should supports multiple file systems and could be able to check articles in multiple languages etc.

·       Technical support:

The technical support of the team should be available for 24/7 to host the user concerns related to any technical issue at any time. It’s one of the major factor that build user trust.

·       Chrome extension and mobile app:

The plagiarism checker should have a google extension so you could use it online anytime.

·       Download a report of plagiarism

Report creation is a must have feature you should look for in a plagiarism checker so that you could also download a report of plagiarism detection to use it for various purposes.

Final Thoughts:

These are some of the features that you should consider before using a free plagiarism checker. In this article, we summed up features related to plagiarism finder tools.

The features discussed here can help you choose the best plagiarism checker for articles, essays, reports, research papers, etc.

We recommend you try reliable and authentic tools to detect plagiarism.


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