How to install a wireless USB network adapter

What is Wireless USB Network Adapter ?

Wireless USB Network Adapter is Similar to Normal Wireless Adapter but the Main Difference is that these Adapters are Connected Through Standard USB Port available on the Computer.Generally they are Very Similar in Size With Respect to Normal PC Network Adapters.By Using Wireless USB Network Adapter We Can Create Multiple Internet Connections at Public Locations like Hotels,Cafe etc.Wireless USB Network Adapter  Provides full AdHoc Network Connection between Wi-fi Enabled Devices without having to Make Use of Infrastructure Devices like Routers Learn How to Setup AdHoc Network in Your Computer From Here

How Wireless Network WorksHow to install a wireless USB network adapter

How to Install a Wireless USB Network Adapter : Steps to Follow

Before Purchasing any Wireless USB Network Adapter Make Sure that You have Free USB Ports available on Your Computer and Your Computer Supports all the basic Requirements needed by Wireless USB Network Adapter

  • First of All You Need to have a Wireless USB Network Adapter .You Can buy It Online From Here. Purchase Wireless USB Network Adapter

  • After Purchasing Check all the Stuff Provided Within the Manufacturer Box i.e USB Cable,Driver CD/DVD etc
  • If You are Given a Driver CD/DVD to Install the Driver for Wireless USB Network Adapter Insert that CD or DVD into Your CD-DVD Drive and Read the Instructions Given in the Manual Within the CD/DVD and Install all the Drivers to Your Computer
  • Now Using the USB Cable Provided with your Wireless USB Network Adapter Connect Your Adapter to any Unused USB Port of Your Computer
  • After Connecting the Adapter Wait For a Few Moment Until Windows Automatically Detects the New Hardware and Install it and Thus Notifying You After the Installation is Over
  • You are all done and You have Successfully Installed Your Wireless USB Network Adapter

Note – If You are Using Some Different Antenna for the Installation of Your Wireless USB Network Adapter then Try to Make Sure to Place that Antenna as much as Close to Your Wireless USB Network Adapter in order to Get Better and Undistorted Signal Strength For Example – Try to Place Your Antenna Away From Your Walls in a Open Free Space Area  and Don’t Put it Close to Your Monitor or Computer

Learn More About Installing Wireless Network Adapter From Here

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