How to Transfer Data Using USB Cable

Today there are Different Ways of Transferring Data From One Computer to Another Computer i.e Transfer Data Using LAN Wire ,Setting Up Wireless Home Network ,Using Flash Drives or CD-DVD etc and much more.Therefore Here in this Post I am Going to tell you a Very Simple  Method to Transfer Data Between two Computers Using USB Cable at a Very High Speed.By Connecting Two Computers/PC using USB-USB Cable You can Perform Various tasks like Transferring Data,Build network and Share Your Internet Connection.

How to Transfer Data Using USB Cable : Steps to Follow

You Must Remember that Not Every USB-USB Cable can be used to Transfer Data From one Computer to another Computer since there are lots of USB Cables available in the Market.Basic USB-USB Cables Called A/A USB Cables don’t have any Bridge Chip ( i.e Electronic Circuit ) in between the two USB Ends therefore they cannot be Used For Transferring Data from one Computer to Another.Even by Using these Cables You can Burn or Damage Your USB Ports therefore never try these cables to Transfer Data between Two Computers.Also the A/B USB Cables Used for Connecting Printers or Other Peripherals will not do the task.

Standard USB-USB Cable – Doesn’t Work How to Transfer Data Using USB Cable

Therefore To Transfer or Connect Two Computers/PC using USB-USB Cable you need to Have a Cable Having a Bridged Connection (i.e having an Electronic Circuit) between the Two USB Ends.The Bridge Chip Can either be of USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 therefore buy USB 2.0 Bridged USB Cable for Faster Data Transfer Rates

Screenshot of Bridged USB-USB CableHow to Transfer Data Using USB Cable

Benefits of Transferring Data Using USB Cable

  • Works with almost all Computers even the Old Computers
  • No Need to Install Additional Software to Transfer Data
  • No Limit on the Amount of Data to be Transferred
  • Transfers Data at a Very High Speed

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