Yu YuPhoria Common Problems and their Fixes

Yu YuPhoria Common Problems and their Fixes : Yu Yuphoria is the latest launch from the Indian smartphone maker YU, a sub brand of Micromax. Yu Yuphoria is the successor to Yu Yureka which was launched last year and became an instant hit. Yu Yuphoria recently went official and is exclusively available from Amazon India. The device is a steal for the price tag it comes with and the buyers have mixed reactions about the device. Where few users are happy with its performance, few are complaining about minor issues in the device which could be frustrating at times. Now if you are one of them, here is Yu Yuphoria common problems and their and fixes.

Yu YuPhoria Common Problems and their Fixes

Before your proceed with the fixes, keep in mind that most of these fixes are just workarounds and you may need to wait before YU releases official fixes through new firmware update. Here is a complete fix for all the Micromax Yu Yuphoria Common Problems like Heating Issues, Black screen issue, Google Play Store Errors, WiFi Connectivity Issues etc.

1 – Yu YuPhoria Screen Goes Black  While Calling

Screen going black while receiving a call is common issue among Yu Yureka and Yu Yuphoria users. Although, Yu Yureka user found a better workaround for this problem, Yu Yuphoria users are yet to get a satisfactory fix. Nevertheless, in case you are facing the same problem , then what you can do is turn off double tap to wake up feature. Yes, turning off double tap to wake feature could resolve this problem as reported by several Yu Yuphoria users.

2 – Yu Yuphoria Low Speaker Volume

Now this must be related to your Yu Yuphoria hardware. Majority of users are facing problem with their ear phone and speaker of their Yuphoria smartphone. Though, company might just release a fix for this in the upcoming firmware update, what you can do is   disable Audiofx in the settings and use 320Kbps file instead of 64Kbps.

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3 – Yu Yuphoria Heating Issue in Yu Yuphoria

Heating issue is again one of the most common problem in Yu Yophoria without any proper fix released yet by the company. However, what you can do is close all the unwanted and unnecessary background apps in your device. The less running apps in the background, the less heating issue you will face.

4 – Yu Yuphoria unable to connect to the 3G Network

Some of the users have also reported that they are unable to use 3G on their Yu Yuphoria smartphone. Whenever you try to set preferred network mode to 3G, it switches back to 2G / EDGE. Again, there is no official fix yet released by the company, still you can follow the below given workaround and see if it works for you.

Set Preferred Network to LTE / WCDMA under Phone Information : Follow the below given steps

  • Enter  *#*#4636#*#* to open Phone Information Menu
  • Under Phone information menu, switch to LTE / WCDMA  instead of GSM / WCDMA

And see if this resolved your issue.

5 – Yu Yuphoria Screenshot error

Receiving Screenshot error while trying to capture a screenshot on your Yu Yuphoria could be frustrating at first. However, the fix for this problem is easier than thought. In case you get Screenshot error on Yu Yophoria, simply perform a reboot and after a successful reboot you should be able to fix Screenshot error in Yu Yuphoria.

So these are  common problems and their fixes for Yu Yuphoria smartphone. If you have any better fix or any other problem then let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Many thanks for your detail description of fixing issues of Yuphoria… disabling double touch on screen has fixed the blank/back screen problem on my device….

  2. Yu Yuphoria Has Very Less Network Strength as compared to other Branded Phones

    Its Showing No Cellular Network even though my Samsung,Moto G3, etc Showing 3 to 4 Network Bars On the phone for same network and same Location.

    And Stability is very less For network and For 2G/3G/H+ all the services are not stable they keep on flactuate time to time

    I have Tried the below Work around also but no Effect

    Enter *#*#4636#*#* to open Phone Information Menu
    Under Phone information menu, switch to LTE / WCDMA instead of GSM / WCDMA

    Its been more than 1 months since i have bought the Phone Can Any one Suggest The Resolution for this

    1. Your phone might be having some manufacturing issues…So please visit your nearest service center…They would surely help you…Thanks

  3. man im using that phone atleast 1 year, but recently i am receiving a popup on my screen, saying that “unfortunately, google play service has stopped working” and there are two options one is “report” and the second one is “ok” , whenever i click the ok button, the popup disappears for a couple of seconds, and then appears again…..it is tooo disgusting , now i cant even use my phone….help me out,

    1. Try updating your phone software or Try to reset your phone to factory settings (But Make sure to take a backup of your data before you do a reset)

  4. I am having a problem with my yuphoria
    Everytime , when i use my phone during chats screen becomes black for sometime
    And then again its work as a normal condition what should i do?
    Anyone can suggest me?

    1. Have you tried updating your phone software ?

  5. My phone automatically switches off sometimes.. And when I had some missed call information on my notification drawer.. After tapping on it is unable to show me.. It say that “unfortunately the process. android has stop working”
    How to resolve with it?

  6. The phone gets switched off randomly at sufficient amount of battery saying “zero battery shut down”and then doesn’t start. The moment it is connected to the charger, it shows the previous actual battery left. What do I do?

    1. I am having the same problem.How was your issue sloved?

  7. I m not happy after updating my YU Yuphoria 🙁
    YouTube videos and others videos are not working and showing error or can’t play video !

  8. I am using yuphoria from last 1 year but it from 4-5 months it doesn’t wake up whenever I double tap or press the power button it wakes up after 10-12 seconds pls help me out the other issue is that sometimes whenever I am on a call the screen doesn’t off pls help me

  9. I have my problem in camera it did not open in lock screen and when I open my photos clicked by camera it shows sometimes blue effect at background
    What should I do
    And I hear that software update cause many problem so I don’t want to do it

  10. I have problem with signals(both sim cards) in my yuphoria 5010A. I had perform all the basic troubleshooting like swapping cards, reset etc and had a talk with my service provider regarding this, from their side there is no issue with signals.

  11. Some part of my yuphoria not working plz help.

  12. I have a problem with signal strength on the two sim cards of the phone and the signals are not stable too. Need help in sorting out this issue as i am not able to recieve calls and all my callers are asking me why your phone is not reachable.

    Do i have to update the software? how to get rid of this issue.

  13. After updating my yuphoria system … It get automatically switched off for some time n switched on automatically…. Give me solution

  14. Consistently reporting problem of switch off.. Moreover, unfortunately some apps stop working and the pressing themiddle button hangs the phone… Plss solve the issue..

  15. My yuphoria mobile doesn’t show downloaded items. After downloading music files, graphics, they appear in download file, but fail to open. After formating my mobile this issue came up. Plz suggest me what to do. 🙁

  16. When I connect my YU yuphoria with wifi connection…it got heat and then swich off.
    What should I do?

  17. First i wanna say thank you because
    I’d a problem with 2G/3G data.
    I followed your instructions and now its perfect. Thank you so much buddy….

  18. My Yuphoria turns off automatically below 40% abruptly.I cant power it off unless i connect it to charger even though it has 35% or more power left.
    Can any one help?

  19. My Yuphoria mobile is not switching on its stopping at android logo and I tried pressing power button and volume down button and tried for doing factory reset still the problem didn’t solve.pls help

  20. Thanks for band width

  21. · Edit

    My yuphoria got switched off this morning while the battery was still 47-49%. And now it’s not switching on even with the charger in. previously it was switching off, but was switching on when connected to charger but now only the logo comes up and goes blank again and again with charger inserted. And without charger nothing is happening not even the logo.

    please help me!


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