G.Skill breaks world record with the fastest 4700MHz DDR4 Memory!

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It’s always great when companies break records in technology, and G.Skill here has just unveiled their G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-4700MHz Kit that’s currently the world’s fastest DDR4 Memory. Last year in September, they launched a 16GB DDR4 4600MHz kit which was also the fastest RAM around at that time. Less than a week later Corsair also introduced their DDR4-4600MHz Memory, so it is expected that other brands catch up with G.Skill with this new, extremely fast 4700MHz DDR4 Memory.

What’s the use of such fast memory?

There’s not much practical use for a memory modules being this fast, but extreme overclockers who just want to break performance records and have bragging rights will love this. These type of Memory sticks are all about performance, although there’s not much difference with 100MHz more memory clock speed. But it does make G.Skill the only supplier of the world’s fastest RAM, and also the first one to do so with RGB Lighting. Since the past year, G.Skill’s team has maintained their ability to break records for high-performance memory sticks.


Features & Specifications

G.Skill not only managed to break the world record for the fastest DDR4 RGB Memory, and make it look cool as hell but also keep the timings low at CL19-19-19-39. The voltage is set at 1.45V. These memory sticks are designed for high stability & engineered for reliability with aluminium heat-spreaders. They feature high-performance Samsung DDR4 B-die ICs. Here are the scores from G.Skill’s article, validated on MSI’s Z370I Gaming Pro CARBON AC Motherboard with the Intel Core i7-8700K Processor being used.

It also supports Intel XMP 2.0 Profile, for easy one-click RAM Overclocking. The memory will be available from authorized G.Skill distribution partners in Q2 2018, as G.Skill said. As you can see in the above screenshot, the memory was stress tested on the test system and it passed the stress test.

G.Skill specializes in Solid State Drive (SSD) products, high-performance memory modules, and gaming peripherals designed for hardware enthusiasts and PC Gamers.


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