Top Video Editing Software for YouTube across all platforms

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YouTube is massive. It has hundreds of millions of daily users. Billions of hours of video footage are watched every day. It is the second biggest search engine after Google. There is a lot of professional-grade content uploaded day in day out on YT.

You should buy some YouTube equipment like a tripod, microphone, and other essential accessories for video editing. Check out this guide here to know more. Today, you have to make videos that have a professional feel to stay relevant. That is the bare minimum. For that professional feel, you need to edit your videos with a great video editor. We have compiled a list of six video editing software for YouTube:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

We are kicking off the list with the feature-packed and expansive Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This software is jam-packed with an assortment of tools. The user interface is simple and natural. Non-Linear editing is available, which means you can go to any specific frame and edit. It also means that it won’t delete your original footage.

Premiere has support for 4k (and higher) videos, VR (360), and HDR videos. Of course, you get the basic shebang Ripple, Roll, Slip, Slide, and Trim. It has 38 transition options, you can add more by installing plug-ins. Most editors make their own transitions via the Premiere Pro.

There’s also cloud collaboration, Multi-cam editing, stellar audio editing tools, and titles and captions. Overall, this one is recommended for pros and people who know what they are doing. Of course, novices can also use this and slowly learn by doing. (Tip for Linux users: Install Playonlinux to use Premiere Pro).

  • CyberLink PowerDirector 365 (Windows only)

This software is mainly for novices. There are different interfaces available: Storyboard, Quick editing, Slideshow creator, and full mode. You can edit videos in aspect ratios including 16:9, YouTube’s aspect ratio. With the subscription of this editor, you get a slew of plug-ins and fun features. The Picture-in-Picture editing option is easy to use and better than its competitors. The editor is really fast and outperforms its competitors in rendering speeds.

There’s an extra feature available on this software, there is an AI-based plug-in that analyzes the content of the video, learns the style and form, and applies it to the entire video or some part of it. This software is powerful and affordable. PowerDirector costs $19.99 a month, and $69.99 a year.

  • Blender (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Blender is known as 3D creation software but it also has an acceptable video editor program. Blender is free and open-source software. You can cut, copy, paste, delete, snap, and slip strips. Easily add titles and captions to your videos. There are complex editing tools available such as color masking and grading. The audio editing tools are good. You can mix, sync, and scrub audio.

You can live preview the video while editing. With optical lenses, the footage is a little distorted; Blender offers lens calibration to correct the distortions. There is also a scene stabilizer feature. You can add transitions and effects; and control speeds. Blender has all the basic features you might need starting out and then some. It is also free and available on every platform. We recommend this for amateurs starting out their YT journey.

  • Final Cut Pro X (Mac only)

This one is recommended for users who want basic editing tools and not intensive features. The user interface is natural and you will get used to it quickly. You can export videos straight to Youtube. The rendering speed is unparalleled. The color correction feature is immaculate. The color scheme of your videos should be consistent throughout your videos and Final Cut Pro makes sure that it does.

You can edit out background noise easily with this software. It has a few cons as well: the snap feature which allows lining up certain parts of the video is always turned on. Turn it off manually. Audio can bleed into transitions sometimes. The audio editing tools aren’t robust compared to its competitors. The software is also not feature-packed. Overall, this one is recommended for new creators and small projects.

  • Wondershare Filmora9 Video editor (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

This software is affordable and easy to use. The user interface is easy to follow and makes editing easier. You can cut, copy, splice, and paste your strips easily. The color correction tool does its job effortlessly. There are several cool transitions and effects pre-loaded. Adding titles and captions to the videos is easy.

You can edit out white noise from your videos. The video stabilization feature works well. The software offers a variety of free to use audio effects such as music tracks and is a nice feature to have. Advanced features like Picture-in-Picture, green screen, and tilt-shift are also present. You can export videos directly to YouTube. The best YouTube video format is M4 with H.264 video codec and AAC audio, you can read this blog post about YouTube Video format to know more. Filmora9 will encode the video in your desired format. All in all, it is an excellent software but not for professional editors. The annual plan is $39.99, and the lifetime subscription is $69.99.

  • Lightworks Pro (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

This industry-standard professional-grade video editor is incredible for its intended user base. Movies like LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, 28 days later were edited on this. Although the editor is intended for professionals, the user interface is natural and appealing. This software holds an impressive collection of special effects tools as well as basic features like trimming and transitions.

You can edit 4k videos and export them directly to YouTube. The multi-cam editing features give you the option of editing different video footage of the same scene and bringing them together. It works like a charm and will be adored by professionals. The monthly license for Lightworks Pro costs $24.99.

Video editing is an essential element if you want to get viral on YouTube. With the way technology has moved forward, you can edit videos that look professional. However, editing is still a specialized task that needs to be learned. Hopefully, you can get started with your editing journey by selecting any of the editors mentioned above. From there on, you can learn the job by doing it.

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