Bluestacks App Sync Not Working Properly – Best Fix

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There’s no doubt in saying that Bluestacks is among the best performing and most stable android emulator of all the available android emulators but still there are few issues that exists within Bluestacks and hopefully will be resolved in upcoming releases of Bluestacks among which one issue that is causing much trouble for users is Bluestacks App Sync Not Working Properly and therefore having difficulty while installing apps from Google Play Store. So till the issue is properly resolved from Bluestacks end you can try the following simple troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix Bluestacks App Sync Not Working Problem ? – Troubleshooting Steps

Well if you are facing Bluestacks App Sync not working properly issue then it seems that you are having some kind of synchronization issues between Bluestacks App Player and your Google Account i.e. Google Play store therefore correcting or resetting this synchronization once again can help you out to fix the same.

Few Important Things to Note :

Make sure that you are using latest and updated version of Bluestacks App Player. If not, Please update it and also ensure that you are using correct Google Account Credentials.

Troubleshooting Steps to Follow :

  • As we said above this issue occurs due to synchronization mismatch between Bluestacks and your Google Account therefore synchronizing it once again can help to resolve or get rid of the issue.
  • So Open Bluestacks App Player and Go to Bluestacks Settings. There on the Settings screen you will find all the basic options like configuring your account and managing your accounts.
  • There under manage accounts section you will see all your linked accounts and you can also add a new account there. Just select the Google icon and click on it after which you will be asked for two options either you want to add an account or create a new one.

Bluestacks App Sync Not Working

  • If you don’t have any Google account then you can proceed on with creating a new account or else proceed with add an account. Just provide your Google account credentials i.e. Your Google email Id and password. That’s it and wait for few seconds till your account details get synced with Bluestacks App Player.
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