NordVPN: Browse through the Web Safely at Blazing Fast Speed

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With the advancement of the internet technology, the rate of cyber crime is increasing every year. It has now become really important to aware people about the safe means to access the internet. Many people still believe that their home network is safer as compared to the public Wi-Fi network. But, they might be shocked to know that a large number of cyber crimes are reported on the private network. The threats like phishing, data theft, hacking, and other serious issues make the user think an alternative to access the internet with complete freedom.

The question arises here is that how the increase in the rate of cyber crimes can be controlled and minimized? TOR browser or VPN can be considered as the safest option for browsing the internet. TOR is available for free, but you need to invest a little money to use most of the VPNs. However, using a VPN is a better option as it comes with added security features. A VPN usually masks your original IP and replace it with a random IP on its server. All your internet traffic is routed through the encrypted VPN tunnels preventing the spies to track your activity.

Which is the Best VPN of Modern Day?

So, if you have started looking for a VPN and are confused with plethora of options available on the internet, have a look in this blog article. While looking for a reliable VPN solution, you should always have a look at its features. If you are still confused, go for NordVPN. NordVPN has even received the ‘Best VPN Award’ from PCMag, two years in a row. You can straight away go for this VPN without any doubt.

NordVPN: An Overview

NordVPN was started by a group of 4 friends in Panama in the year 2012. It has now become the lifeline for many internet users who are concerned about their privacy while surfing the web. It uses double encryption technology to prevent anyone from watching your online activities. Even your ISP is restricted from tracking your activities online. It has spread its networks in 61 nations and has more than 1000 servers in 6 continents of the world. Over the years, NordVPN has keep on winning the hearts of its customers and many of them have stick to its services since then. Let’s try to find out why people trust this VPN more than any other VPN provider.

Why People Love & Trust NordVPN?

NordVPN makes use of top level military grade encryption and uses the double VPN technology to prevent your connection from getting tracked by the hackers, spies, and your ISP. It masks your IP address to make your untraceable on the web. These are some of the major reasons why people trust NordVPN, but there are other reasons too that have forced people to love this VPN provider. Check how to stay aware from phishing.

Easy Setup & Installation

You can install NordVPN on mobile devices and in PC/laptops easily. All you have to do is register for an account with NordVPN, buy your subscription plan, and once your account is active, download the compatible VPN client on your device. You can then install the VPN client on your device by following the onscreen instructions. Once the installation is successfully completed, you can start browsing the web privately.

Austere No-Logs Policy

NordVPN definitely takes your privacy seriously. It ensures that the user logs and private information is not compromised at any cost. This is the reason why your information and logs are not stored on its servers. Its ‘Strict No-Logs’ policy makes the user to trust its service.

Bypass Censorship

The users from specific region are restricted from accessing certain websites or media content available on the web. By using NordVPN, you can easily bypass this censorship by just changing your remote server and choosing a server in different location. Your ISP will never be able to track what you are doing on the internet neither any government agency will be able to track you.

P2P Supported

There are several VPN providers that restrict the users from transmitting the data beyond certain limits. But this is not the case with NordVPN. You will get the best upstream and downstream speed with NordVPN. It doesn’t throttle the P2P traffic.

Double Data Encryption

It is one of the best features of NordVPN. It prevents data leakage by using the double data encryption technology and makes it impossible for the spies to interrupt your connection. It is the best technology available on the internet.

Superfast Servers

It has 1081 servers spread in 61 nations and 6 continents of the world. It is still expanding its network to different countries so that every user gets the best streaming speed. All its servers offer blazing fast speed and are competent enough to handle large traffic without showing any downtime. The ping time of the servers is relatively high as compared to other VPN providers.

DNS Leak Resolver

The NordVPN’s DNS Leak resolver prevents your confidential data from getting leaked to your ISP. It uses its own DNS servers and encrypts all the traffic between your system and the web server.

Automatic Kill Switch Technology

The connection might get lost due to low internet speed and some really confidential information might be left open. But, the automatic kill switch technology closes all your current sessions as soon as the connection is lost.

Mobile VPN

If you are wondering that only Mac and Windows users can use this VPN then you are totally wrong. NordVPN has its apps available for the iOS and the Android users. The Google Chrome users can its web proxy extension for Chrome as well.

Pricing & Plans

NordVPN offers 3 plans to its clients. The monthly plan will cost you $11.95/month. The half-yearly plan costs you $7/month while the yearly plan costs you $5.75/month. Just in case if you are not happy with its services, you can ask for the refund within 30 days of making the payments.

The Last Words

NordVPN has reached thousands of customers around the world in just 5 years. It has impressed every of its customer by the exceptional features it provides to them. The affordable pricing, powerful security, and blazing fast servers, makes it an ideal VPN for the users. If you are looking for a reliable VPN service, NordVPN will never disappoint you. You can trust it blindly like most of its users and enjoy the premium features at really affordable price. You online privacy is totally secure when it’s in NordVPN’s hands. Go for it now!

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