Future of 3-D Printing

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3-D printing is future of technologies because it enables you to print physical 3-D models which reduce the time by reducing manpower and there is less chance of error its makes object dimension accurate. In a 3d printing, we design the object design through advance computer software. In the next step instruction are passed to the 3d printer to make the actual object.

3d printing

How does 3-D printing works?

3-D printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates a physical objects (3-D printing models) from a digital design. It’s basically creating a 3-D objects form a 3-D design build using some software. For creating a 3-D objects you first need to create a 3-D design with all the dimension like a blueprint .The design file are sliced into small layers and send to 3-D after which melting material like plastic, rubber  ,alloys etc. depending on the type of  printer are lay down on printer platform  large industrial machines that use a laser to selectively melt metal powder at high temperatures.

Time to build a 3-D model varies from objects to objects and also printers depending on size of objects, technologies used in printer. We can also put different color variant on the object.

Application of 3-D printing is very vast nowadays there are using in every aspects of fields. 3-D printing can be used in medical, food, robotics, science, weapons, automotive ,electronics etc.


Medical is one of most important application of 3-D printing. With 3-D printing

we can make artificial limbs and other body organs using 3-D printing. Making a artificial limbs and organs can save lot of life. Using 3-D printing can build Low–Cost Prosthetic Parts , creating a traditional prosthetic can be costly and time consuming. Researchers are working on way to make a various organs like heart, liver etc.  which can be made in couple of hours instead of waiting for a donor to fit the description saving a lot of time and man hours on it.3-D printing enables to prints other things like bones, ear cartilage ,medical equipment etc.


3- D printing enables to prints various sensor and PCB(printed circuit boards )  nowadays sensor should be as small as possible 3-D printers enables us to  make small sensor with inbuilt circuit on it. Every electronic devices has PCB in it making  PCB can be time consuming due to 3-D printing we can make PCB efficiently save  both time and money. We can also make a various electronics contents and Integrated circuits (ICs).There are various robotics parts which are made using 3-D printing different parts are made with joints and then directly assemble it together.

Above two are the major application of 3-D printers and have impact on future due their vast application there are many other field where you can use 3-D printing. 3-D printing can be textile we can various clothing using this where you can give your size and directly print the cloth for you.

We build customized chocolate or pizza using a 3-D printer. 3-D printer can also build automotive in 1-2 days according to your need and specification saving a lot of time. Making jewelers can be very time consuming and cost 3-D printing can make this process very easy .

You can make optics in couple of minutes by choosing the desire frame. With proper research and resources 3-D printer can build a whole house. Weapons can also be manufactured with 3-D printing.

So, these were the some field where 3d printing can make wonders in the coming future. There are many other fields where 3d printing can change the way, we do the things.

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