How to Remove $RECYCLE.BIN Folder from Windows 8.1/8

Yesterday while working on my Windows 8.1 HP Envy laptop I found $RECYCLE.BIN folder in all the hard drive partitions as hidden folder after enabling the Don’t Hide files and folders feature. This was the first time i have ever observed such folder in Windows 8.1 and was bit surprised, moreover deleting the folder didn’t worked either as after restarting the laptop it was still there therefore i went over Internet to search for a way to remove $RECYCLE.BIN folder from the system permanently and i did managed to find a working solution on How to remove $RECYCLE.BIN Folder from Windows 8.1 that I am going to share with you but before that I would like to share more information regarding $RECYCLE.BIN folder that I managed to get through INTERNET.

Basically $RECYCLE.BIN folder is the same Recycle bin folder that we found in Windows XP OS which most of the users think as virus but in actual it is not a virus rather a windows created system folder used for storing temporary files that are deleted from your system as backup of the deleted file unless you permanently delete that data. Follow the below given tutorial on How to Remove $RECYCLE.BIN Folder from Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 OS.

Note – You can’t remove $RECYCLE.BIN folder permanently or delete it from your system therefore what you can do to get rid of this $RECYCLE.BIN folder is to hide this folder permanently from your system and to do so just follow the below given procedure.

$RECYCLE.BIN Folder Screenshot

How to remove $RECYCLE.BIN Folder from Windows

How to remove $RECYCLE.BIN Folder from Windows 8.1/8 : Steps to Follow

  • Open My Computer and click on View -> Options -> Change folder and search options.

How to remove $RECYCLE.BIN Folder from Windows - 1

  • Under Folder Options -> Navigate to View Tab as shown below in the screen shot.

How to remove $RECYCLE.BIN Folder from Windows - 2

  • Here Check mark the option “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)”.

How to remove $RECYCLE.BIN Folder from Windows - 3

  • That’s it now click on OK option and you will no longer see the same $RECYCLE.BIN Folder.

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