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RushInformation recommends Hello Ivy for automating your workflow and project management for free. Learn More is a new yet very powerful file streaming service that offers premium Cloud Storage service in addition of providing ability to download data or media from popular networks including Torrents as well.Cloud storage has become the most reliable and trusted form of data storage where you no longer need to worry about losing your valuable data just because of simple HDD Failure and moreover it provides with the ease to access all your data at one place no matter wherever you go as far as you are equipped with seamless Internet Connectivity and is one such reliable Cloud Storage Service provider  that you can trust blindly.

Unlike regular cloud storage service providers is quite different from them that offers all the premium file services at one place without any hassle at unbelievably low exceptional prices.Though it is still new and administrators are continuously working and trying their best efforts to enhance the user experience by providing best possible services to their customers at a very affordable price and to be honest they have well managed to gain user’s trust by providing 24/7 premium support in case of any problem.

What does provides ? at present basically offers two services that includes normal Cloud Webstorage and File fetching from popular networks over internet.You will also see SecureStorage service in near future.

Filestream Review

Webstorage : webstorage offers free file storage with no time limits at all.It provides private and confidental data storage so that no one can see or access your files except you and the Site Administrators but be assured that your data will remain purely personal and private and will not be distributed to anyone.You also get  Secure encrypted SSL connection for all your personal storage with flexible upgrade plans.Moreover it offers unlimited high speed multi-stream download access to all your files.

File Fetching :

File fetching allows you to download files from internet by utlizing virtually unlimited bandwidth of IP Connection.It also provides file downloading from Internet directly via URL or magnet links from torrents etc.Files are available to download to your local machine using secure HTTPS protocol upon completion instantly.Moreover you will not be charged fro downloading your own files to your local devices and there is no extra payment for downloading files from popular network resources.

Securestorage : Coming Soon

You will soon be able to use Securestorage service that will be 100% private secure storage where not even staff members can access your data but to use Securestorage you will need to Install client software.

Why choose ?

  • provides the best 24/7 customer support that is ready to help you with all your questions
  • Connected to 3 Biggest European IP Backbone provides.
  • Access all your files wherever you go via Web browser or from your Android device via Filestream Official App.
  • E-Mail notifications on every event of your choice such as download completion.

Therefore if you are looking for a all in one solution for all your Cloud Storage service and file fetching service then is the right choice for you so please give it a try and I bet you won’t be disappointed.

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RushInformation recommends Hello Ivy for automating your workflow and project management for free. Learn More

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