Delete an EFI partition in Windows 7 : FIXED

What is an EFI Partition ?

EFI Partitions are the Special type of System Partitions on Data Storage Devices that Follows Extensible Firmware Interface  Contains all the Details of the Operating Systems Installed on the Device through Boot Loader Program,Device Drivers Information for the attached Devices and Basic System Programs that are Used before the Booting of Operating System.EFI Partitions are Formatted Using FAT File System i.e FAT12,FAT16,FAT32.

How to Delete an EFI Partition in Windows 7 : Steps to Follow

Generally EFI Partition is Created When USB Storage Devices i.e External Hard Drives are Formatted on a Mac because of having EFI as default Partition type Instead of having Standard Windows MBR.You will be Able to See the EFI Partition through Windows Disk Management Utility but it will not allow you to Delete that Partition’s.So Here below is a Step by Step Guide on How to Delete an EFI Partition in Windows 7 Through Command Prompt

Note – Make Sure the Storage Device i.e USB Device is Attached to the Computer before following the Given Steps

  • Open Command Prompt as an Administrator.You can Open it by typing ‘cmd’ in Windows RUN Dialog Box
  • Now Type the Command ‘diskpart’
  • Next Type the Command ‘list disk’
  • Now Choose the EFI Partitioned Disk from the listed Disks by typing the Command ‘select disk *’ Where * is the Disk Number of the Drive Having EFI Partition

Note – Make Sure to Check the Correct Disk Number

  • Next Type the Command ‘clean’. Here Below is a Screenshot Showing the Demonstration of the Above Commands in Command PromptDelete an EFI partition in Windows 7
  • That’s all and You are All done
  • Now You Can Easily Create or Format the Partition Using Windows Disk Management Utility

Note – You Must Run Command Prompt As an Administrator Else the Above Method Will Not Work

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