Download Torrent Files Using Google Chrome

Download Torrent Files Using Google Chrome : Bittorrent Surf

Have You Ever Thought of Downloading Torrent Files Using Google Chrome Without Using any other Bit Torrent Clients ? How to boost and Increase your internet speed  – We all are Already Familiar of Downloading Torrent Files Using Bit Torrent Clients Like Utorrent , Bit Torrent etc.So Today Here in this Post I am Going to Tell you How to Download Torrent Files Within Google Chrome Without Using Utorrent or any Other Bit Torrent Client.Learn How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM From Here.The Only thing You Need to Download Torrent Files Using Google Chrome is to Have the Bit-torrent Surf Google Chrome Extension Installed on Your Google Chrome Web Browser. Learn How to Increase UTorrent Download Speed From Here

Preview of Bittorrent Surf ExtensionDownload Torrent Files Using Google Chrome

Key Features About Bittorrent Surf Extension

Bittorrent Surf Brings You the Whole Power of the Bit Torrent Within Your Browser and Thus allowing you to Download all the Torrent Files Directly Inside Your Google Chrome Browser without Leaving Your Web Browser How to Download Play Store Apps on PC

1 – Integrated Powerful Search

  • Very Powerful Integrated Search System that Quickly Finds Torrents Across Different Sites.
  • Detect Search Sites Automatically.
  • You Can Add Your Own Favorite Sites to Create Your Own Custom Search Engine For Finding the Torrents.

2 – Download – Faster and High Speed

  • Health of Files Lets You Identify the Best Quality of Media File to Download.
  • Download Media With Just Simple One Click.
  • Get Fully Updated With the Downloads through the Notifications From your Browser.

3- Play Feature

  • Best and the Most Powerful Streamlined Method to Quickly Find or Access the Files and Enjoy the Best of Your Internet.
  • Easy Push and Play Feature.


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  1. hi, my pc is hp pavillion p6 series. just recently bought. i hv google chrome n internet 8 meg. i couldnt download torrent files in bittorrent (very slow)and also in chrome (it says not compatible). any solutions to solve my prob? thanks in advance

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