How to boost and Increase your internet speed

Everyone Cannot Afford to Buy High Speed Internet Connection because of their High Prices  and Limited Availability in their  Residential Areas.Therefore Because of this they Cannot Enjoy Browsing or Surfing Internet and Watching Videos Online becomes a nightmare for them How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM : Faster and High Speed So today Here in this Post I am Going to tell you Some Important Tips and Tweaks that You Can Apply to Your System in Order to Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed.You Will Find lots of Articles over the Internet on Increasing Your Internet Speed Using Different Methods. But Here in this Post I am Going to Stick to Only Important Tips and Tweaking Settings that Really Works Instead of Providing False Methods to Increase Your Internet Speed.How to Download Play Store Apps on PC So Here below is a Step by Step Guide on How to Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed Manually by Tweaking Windows Settings and TCP/IP Configuration.How to Play Android Games on PC – BlueStacks

How to boost and Increase your internet speed : Tips and Tweaks

De-allocating the Reserved Bandwidth – Windows 7,Vista,XP

This is a Very Proven Method For Increasing Your Internet Speed if You are a Microsoft Windows User Because by Default Windows Reserves 20% of the Bandwidth For its Own Purpose or Use.Therefore You Must De-allocate this Reserved Bandwidth to Optimize Your Internet For Best Speed.You can Easily do it Manually by Using the Group Policy Editor.Follow the Below Instructions to Free the Reserved 20% Bandwidth Speed.

  • Open Group Policy Editor by Typing gpedit.msc in RUN Dialog Box.
  • Now Under QOS Packet Scheduler You Will See a Setting With Name ‘Limit Reservable Bandwidth‘ Perform a Right Click on that and Select Properties or Else Double Click on that.
  • Initially You Will See this Setting as Not Configured which seems Weird but by Default Windows Reserves that 20% Bandwidth therefore Check the Box Enabled and Set the Bandwidth Limit to 0% as shown below in the Image.How to boost and Increase your internet speed
    • That’s all and You are all Done.

Configuring TCP/IP Configuration Settings

Here We are Going to Optimize the TCP/IP Configuration Settings For Best Internet Speed Using Third Party Free Ware Software SG TCP Optimizer.It Will Help You to Manage How the Computer Will Send or Receive Data Packets and thus Optimizing Your Internet and Increasing Your Internet Speed.

  • First of all Download SG TCP Optimizer Software ( Download Link ) and Simply Run it by Performing a Double Click as it Doesn’t Require any Installation Process as it is an .exe File.
  • Now Under the General Settings Tab Check the Optimal Settings Box as shown below in the Image and Click Apply Changes.How to boost and Increase your internet speed

Note – You Must Run this Application as an Administrator else it will not Work

  • Next a New Window Will Open Asking For Apply Changes and There Check Mark the Backup Option and Click OK as Shown below in the Image.How to boost and Increase your internet speed
  • Now Restart Your Computer So that New Effects Can Take Place.
  • That’s all and You are all Done.

Note – After Changing the Settings to Optimal if You Feel it has Decreased Your Internet Performance then You Can Restore back Your Default Settings by Using the Backup You Have Created in the SG TCP Optimizer.To Restore it to Default Run TCP Optimizer then Click File and Select Restore Backed up Settings and Select the Saved Backup File and Your System Will be Stored Back to its Original State

Clear Your Browsing Data – CCleaner

Most of Us are not aware of Clearing the Old Browsing Data i.e History , Logs , Saved Passwords , Cookies etc which then affects Your Internet Speed.How To Stop Receiving Emails From Facebook Therefore Try to Clear Your Browsing Data Regularly so as so Optimize Your Internet For Best Speed.You can Use Third Party Free Ware Software CCleaner to Clear Your Cookies and Browsing History.It is the Most Famous and Renowned Software For Clearing Your Internet Browsing.Top 10 Best Android Phones Under 10000

Free Download CCleaner From Here

Optional – Use IDM For Downloading Files

Install Internet Download Manager on Your Computer For Downloading Purpose.It is the Best Download Manger For Downloading all types of Files at a Very High Speed.

Download Latest Version of IDM From Here

Note -Important

You  Must Keep in Mind that You Cannot Exceed the Speed of Your Internet Beyond Your Connection Bandwidth.This Method Will Just Help You to Get the Best of Your Bandwidth Speed and Thus Increasing your Internet Speed.Top 10 Best Android Phones Under 10000

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  1. thanx really helped
    good work

  2. dude the SG TCP Optimizer says cant modify as you are not logged in as an administrator. But i am logged in as an administrator, i cross checked it from control panel.
    what to do ?

    1. Try Running it as Run as Administrator By Doing a Right Click on .Exe File and then Select ‘Run As Administrator’….It will Solve Your Problem..

  3. Hi Pankaj, my internet download speed increased from 14.00 kbps to 671 kbps but it stayed till 10 minutes or so and than decreased to normal download speed of 14.00 kbps. Is there a way to stabilize the download speed to maximum?

    1. Hii Deojit…It Varies from User to User Depending on Your Internet Service Provider so there’s nothing that you can do to fix this Issue…Try to Wait For 2-3 Days Hopefully it will be fixed…

  4. gpedit.msc does not workin buddy on run………..

    1. It Works Bro it is a Windows Default Command But if You are Facing Problem Opening Just Type Group Policy in Your Windows Start Search and Select Edit Group Policy in Windows 7 or Windows 8….

  5. is there any way to optimize IDM downloading speed……..

    1. Yup You can Optimize Your IDM Downloading Speed See Here How to Increase IDM Download Speed

  6. Hey Pankaj.. so far 2 of your guides worked.. tnx men, just curious.. so uttorent and idm as well as the main net speed just really depend on ISP provider? ur guide is just to optimized not boost? cause i thought it really boost my netspeed (i mean overall).. hmm just concerned tnx men!

    1. Yeah Your Speed depends on Your ISP Provider therefore if you are not getting the speed as promised by your ISP Then You can Optimize Your Internet Connection Using the Given Method….

  7. hey its me again haha.. just wanna know why is that my net speed is always 1.75mb?? well its great cause its always like this but is it possible to increase more bandwith than this? if u know can u make some guide? very much appreciated if u do, cheers!

  8. is it improve my reliance netconnect+ speed?

    1. Yeah it will…You can Also Look at How to Increase Reliance Netconnect+ Speed

  9. hey , thanks a lot pankaj sir… it is really helpful for me

  10. hey bro awesomeeeeeeeeeee r ur tricks my dwnld speed went up like keeping a boost for rocket i’ve speeds like 250 – 300 kbps dwnld spd in utorrent nw its almost 3MBPS yaar awesomeee cant xpress my feelings thanks a lot…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ya its working sir …………………nice job

  12. Hi,
    This Tip is Working
    My Internet Download Speed used to be around 45- 50 kbps 🙁 ! After Editing Group Policy as Mentioned above i got around 60-80 kbps!
    So Thanks For This Tip Pankaj SIR.!

  13. Thanks Pankaj, It really helped me a lot

  14. My laptop doesn’t have group policy editor. 🙁 how to fix it?

    1. Please Check this Article Hope it helps – Windows Group Policy editor missing FIX


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