How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome as your daily driver then you might have come across SSL connection error several times. SSL Connection error in Google Chrome is pretty common and can be fixed easily. Follow this guide to know how to fix Error SSL Connection in Google Chrome.Although, the SSL connection error is common among Google Chrome users, there could be several for the occurrence of this error.  For example if you get an error or warning like The site’s security certificate is not trusted! then it’s not necessary that the site must be unsafe, but it could also happen because of miss match  in Date and Time of your PC. Here we have listed the most common SSL error types and quick fix for the problem.

How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome / Facebook : Best Methods

The below mentioned fixes works well if you are facing facebook ssl connection error err_ssl_protocol_error in chrome but before we proceed on it is important to know what is SSL Connection error, What causes it, why does it occur and what are the possible solutions for fixing this, therefore to know all this just check below. You may get this error on your phone, tablet, mac, tomcat, gmail, android, visual studio, verizon, wordpress, steam, Windows 10, wamp, youtube, yahoo, opera, safari, samsung, paypal etc but don’t worry just try to follow the below given fixes and all your issues will be resolved shortly.

What is SSL Connection Error ?

SSL basically refers to Secure Socket Layer which is a global industry standard that is used by millions of websites across the world for the protection of their online transactions with their customers. What it does is that it tries to establish a secure encrypted connection between the web server and your web browser and when it fails to make that connection you face this SSL error. This SSL connection error can occur in multiple platforms like on Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, android, Apple mac, iPhone, iPad etc. This error usually occurs because of bad certificate or invalid certificate validation.

Method 1: Fix Time and Date on your PC

Most common fix for SSL connection error in Google Chrome is to set correct date and time on your PC. When you open your browser and try to visit any website, you get The Site’s security certificate is not trusted! error. This happens mostly because you have set incorrect date and time on your PC. So, try setting correct date and time and see if this fixes your issue.

Method 2:  Change Antivirus Settings

If you have Antivirus installed on your PC, then it can also cause SSL connection issue in Google Chrome because your Antivirus system might just block the connection showing  as unsafe. To fix this, open your Antivirus program and go to Settings. Next, find Advanced Settings and click on Network. Click on Encrypted Connection Scan and uncheck Scan Encrypted Settings and click on Apply or OK to save the settings. Now again open Google Chrome on your PC and see if the second method fixes your Google Chrome SSL connection error err_ssl_protocol_error.

Method 3: Change SSL Settings in Chrome

If the above mentioned two methods didn’t work for you, then you can try your luck by changing the SSL Connection error in Google Chrome. Follow below given steps to know how to change SSL Settings in Chrome.

  • Click on Google Chrome Menu icon (three horizontal bars) and select Settings. Now scroll down and click on Advanced Settings and click on Change Proxy Settings under Network section.
  • Now click on Security tab, set Security Level Zone and Internet Zone to Medium.  Setting it to high sometime causes SSL connection error.
  • Now click on Privacy tab and do the same steps as done in the above step. After doing this click on Content tab and click on Clear SSL state button.

Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome

  • Once done, restart Google Chrome on your PC and see if you still face SSL connection error. In most of the cases the above mentioned three method should fix SSL connection error in Google Chrome.

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