How to Download Torrents in College / Office / School

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Torrents have always been one of the favorite choice for downloading files over Internet like movies, music, games, books etc at absolutely free of cost. You can find almost everything that you wish to download at torrents. Torrents provide a very good platform for sharing files across the world and to download these torrents you must have torrent clients installed on your system. Currently there are millions of users accessing torrents for downloading their favorite files but there are also few who wish to download torrent files but couldn’t do it because of restricted access to torrents in Schools, Colleges and Offices. Therefore to help those users here I am going to share very useful article on How to download torrents in College, Office or at Schools.

How to Download Torrents in College / Office / School : Best Ways

Usually it has been seen that there has been strict restriction on accessing torrents at particular places especially at Schools, Colleges and Offices. The idea behind blocking torrent downloading is quite obvious to save the Internet bandwidth and to ensure proper system security from viruses. But blocked access to torrents doesn’t mean that you can’t download these torrent files, you can do them by following the below given best ways of downloading files from blocked torrents. Read below steps on how to download torrents in college campus.

Note : Important

You must note that there may arise three basic cases regarding Torrent downloading restriction where either there is a restriction on accessing Torrent sites or the torrent clients are blocked or in worst scenario both torrent sites and torrent clients blocked. Follow the below given steps on how to download torrents in college network.

How to Proceed if access to Torrent sites is blocked ?

  • If your access to popular torrent sites is blocked then what you can do is try accessing them via Proxy websites to unlock these blocked sites. You can find about proxy website over Internet or else you can drop your query regarding the full tutorial and i will then send at your email.
  • Better try to get the torrent downloading file with you in pen drive or note down the torrent magnet link address with you in Word pad or notepad file. This torrent file and magnet link address will help you to download torrent files from your college, office or school.

Best Way : Downloading via Regular HTTP Downloaders

You might be surprised to know about downloading torrent files without torrent clients but yeah it does work. You can simply download all your favorite torrent files with your default downloader and I would here prefer you to use IDM as your download manager for best speeds. Here below is a complete step by step guide on How to download torrent files using IDM.

How to Download Torrents in College

Therefore keeping the torrent file or magnet link with you and following the alternative HTTP downloader method for downloading torrent files you can easily download torrents at your school, college or at office.

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