Mashshare Plugin Review : Best Sharing Plugin inspired by Mashable

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Do you own a WordPress Site or Blog looking for all in one sharing plugin for your blog ? – If yes, then here I have something for you that you would definitely find Interesting and helpful for sure.

Today in the era of widely increasing Social Networking it becomes pretty useful for sharing Information on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, linked-in and much more to attract large audience without much efforts.Even most of the users use these social networking sites as a medium for acquiring information about all the happenings going across the world that’s why it is quite common for every blogger to use the Sharing feature in his or her blog.You will found hundreds of different sharing plugins for your wordpress blog but do you know one thing most of these plugins don’t work properly and are very difficult to use because of their unfamiliar user interface. So here in this article I am going to let you familiar with recently launched sharing plugin known as “Mashshare” developed by René who also created useful plugins like AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin and QR code generator.

About Mashshare Plugin :

Mashshare is a newly launched sharing plugin inspired by Popular Website Mashable especially for Facebook and Twitter.It is a very light weight plugin with very high performance and reliable share functionality.

Mashshare Plugin Review

As said above this plugin is totally inspired from Mashable so you will found it very similar to what you have already seen on Mashable site that puts beautiful and clean designed Share Buttons on top and end of your posts to get the best most possible social share feedback from your user.

Note – The Plugin is still in development mode and is updated on regularly basis after getting user opinions so if you in-case found any issue with the plugin don’t worry just drop your query in the WordPress plugin support and the developer René will get in touch with you shortly.

How Mashshare Plugin Works ?

You might be wondering how this plugin works so here we will tell you in brief how mashshare plugin works.It basically makes use of webservice that keeps checking total count of all your Facebook and Twitter shares periodically and cumulates them and thereby showing the total number of shares beside the share buttons.

Key Features of Mashshare Plugin :

  • Doesn’t affect your site performance as no other external scripts and count data is loaded.
  • Ensure’s your Privacy Protection as no permanent connection to Facebook, Twitter and Google is required for sharing.
  • Works with every wordpress theme and can be used in both pages as well as on posts without any trouble.
  • High-Performance caching functionality where it is upto you how often do you want the counts to be updated.
  • Periodic updates and Improvements with 24/7 Support from the Plugin Author René

Verdict :

Overall Mashshare is a great and must try sharing plugin for every wordpress blogger and I bet you will not be disappointed with its looks and performance.

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