200% Faster GDDR6 Memory for Next-Gen GPUs finally in production!

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Samsung has just announced on its newsroom website that they have started producing industry’s first 16-Gigabit GDDR6 Memory for advanced graphics systems. They say that this new GDDR6 Memory offers double the speed & density compared to GDDR5 Memory and that this new memory will address the growing needs of the speedily growing graphics market.

In late 2017, Micron too completed their GDDR6 Design & Qualification as Kristopher Kido (Director of Micron’s Global Graphics Memory Business) confirmed so and said that it is now heading over to mass production, in early 2018. Lastly, SK Hynix has also announced their GDDR6 Memory Design, but it does differ from Samsung’s technology. It offers up to 14Gbps of Bandwidth compared to 18Gbps on Samsung’s Memory.

Samsung plans to strengthen their presence in the gaming and graphics card markets by releasing GDDR6 Memory. It would accommodate the growing need for advanced graphics memory requirements in many computer systems. Samsung’s GDDR6 Memory will be the industry’s first 16-Gigabit GDDR6 Memory as well. Back in 2016 they announced the GDDR6 Memory and said that they would release it in 2018, and so they did.

Samsung’s GDDR6 Memory gives a 35% energy reduction, 30% manufacturing productivity gain, 200% faster performance & density, and more advantages compared to its predecessor GDDR5 Memory. The memory has sped up to 72 GB/s which is immensely more faster.

This monstrous jump in performance will definitely get NVIDIA & AMD interested, and they will surely implement these graphics memory modules in their next generation GPUs for Gaming Graphics Cards, Mining Processors, Gaming Console GPUs and Accelerated Processing Units.

The added amounts of memory bandwidth and amounts would immensely help in the gaming industry especially PC Gaming, as gamers may finally be able to now play games in 8K Resolution properly, and experience way more enjoyable frame-rates on 4K and lower resolutions. It will also help for developing & manufacturing better next-generation gaming consoles, in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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