How to Reset BIOS Password

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Reset or Remove BIOS Password

BIOS means Basic Input/output System and it is the first software that runs on the computer when it is powered ON. The main function of BIOS is to initialize and test all the hardware components attached to the computer and to load an operating system. It is located on a non-volatile ROM chip attached to the motherboard. By Using the BIOS Software you can alter or change your hardware settings according to your needs. Many Big Computer manufacturing Companies like Dell , HP etc keep their customers away from the BIOS settings by locking the BIOS. So BIOS is provided with an option to set password to access the BIOS Settings to ensure full system security so as to make sure that no other person can change the BIOS settings without your permissions. But sometimes setting the BIOS password can prove to be disastrous for you if in case you forget your BIOS password or if someone has changed the BIOS password. There are many ways to RESET BIOS Password so there is no need to worry anymore. Here are some simple methods to Completely RESET BIOS Password.


RESET BIOS Password by Removing CMOS Battery

The best way to completely remove the BIOS password is to remove the CMOS battery attached to the motherboard for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes put back the CMOS battery again in the motherboard. This will RESET all your BIOS settings along with your password.reset bios password


RESET BIOS Password By Using MS DOS

You can easily reset your BIOS password by using some commands in the Command Prompt but for that you will need to get access to your system first and then you can reset your BIOS settings by typing the following commands one by one in Cmd

  1. First of all type DEBUG in Cmd
  2. Then type o 70 2E and press Enter
  3. Then type o 71 FF and press Enter
  4. Type quit and press Enter

You are done and Now Restart your Computer so that the effects can take place

* It is alphabet “o” not the number 0


RESET BIOS Password Using Software

You can reset all your CMOS settings along with your BIOS password just with simple clicks by using the CMOS and BIOS password recovery tool CmosPwd 5.0 software but for that you must need to have access to your System. You can Download Cmos Pwd5.0 from here(Download Link)


RESET BIOS Password Using Backdoor Password

Many Computer manufacturers put a default backdoor Password in the BIOS that works as an alternate password irrespective of what you have set in the Bios.Here is a list of some Backdoor passwords that you can try one by one till it Unlocks the Password.

AMI (American Megatrends Inc.) BIOS Backdoor Passwords:

  • A.M.I.
  • AMI
  • AMI?SW
  • AMI_SW
  • BIOS
  • MI
  • Oder

PHOENIX BIOS Backdoor Passwords:

  • BIOS
  • CMOS
  • phoenix

AWARD BIOS Backdoor Passwords:

  • 01322222
  • 589589
  • 589721
  • 595595
  • 598598
  • aLLy
  • aLLY
  • ALLY
  • aPAf
  • _award
  • Condo
  • d8on
  • djonet
  • HLT
  • J64
  • J256
  • J262
  • j332
  • j322
  • KDD
  • lkwpeter
  • PINT
  • pint
  • SER
  • SYXZ

Some Common Bios Backdoor Passwords :

  • biostar
  • biosstar
  • CMOS
  • cmos
  • lkwpeter
  • setup
  • Syxz
  • Wodj

Common Manufacturer DEFAULT BIOS Backdoor Passwords

  • VOBIS and IBM – merlin
  • Dell – Dell
  • Biostar – Biostar
  • Compaq – Compaq
  • Enox – xo11nE
  • Epox – central
  • Freetech – Posterie
  • IWill – iwill
  • Jetway – spooml
  • Packard Bell – bell9
  • QDI – QDI
  • Siemens – SKY_FOX
  • SOYO – SY_MB
  •  TMC – BIGO
  •  Toshiba – Toshiba
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