Tips for Effective Watermarking

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Watermark is defined as a Recognizable Visible Image or pattern that is embedded on the images or photos in order to prevent their illegal or Unauthorized Use from outsiders.The Watermark Could be any Text , Logo or a Copyright Symbol embedded on the Image.Watermarking your Images prevents their Unauthorized use by making a difficult task for those who wants to claim your Images as their Own art or work but you must bear in mind that the Watermarking should be Effective enough so that it could not be easily removed because Most of the Visible Watermarks can be easily removed by Professionals.Watermarking is the best option to protect your photos from their misuse.So here is a list of some Best Tips for effective Watermarking that you must must follow while Creating a Watermark

Best Tips for effective Watermarking

  • Your Watermark Should Contain a Copyright Symbol,the Owner’s name and Owner’s Website URL Name so that the owner can be easily contacted at any time whenever it is needed
  • You Watermark Must be placed Effectively So that it could not be easily Removed.You should not place your Watermark in Solid Color or Textured Background so that it could be easily removed.So try to place it at that place where it could not be easily removed
  • Watermark Shouldn’t be too large in size but enough in size so that it can’t be easily removed
  • It is not necessary to watermark all of your images so select only specific or certain images that are publicly available on the


  • Make sure to make copies of your Original Image and then try adding watermark to the copied images leaving the Original image as it is
  • Some Watermarks tends to make the images look ugly or different so effectively choose the best watermark so that it doesn’t interfere much enough with the image qualityTips for Effective Watermarking

    Sample Picture Showing Watermarking

Also note that watermarking the images negatively affects the overall appearance of the image making it odd and different so be wise while choosing the watermarking option and choose the best watermarking option.After reading all the above tips you might be interested to know how to watermark the images.There are several methods by which you can easily put watermarks on your images.Most of the Image editing and Web based applications are provided with adding watermark capabilities like Adobe Photoshop, etc.Some special applications are also used for watermarking the images like TSR Watermark Image software used for professional watermarking.

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