How to Improve Internet Speed on Samsung Android Phone’s

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How to Increase Internet Speed on Samsung Phones : Today here I am going to share very important and useful tips that most of the Samsung android device users often look for and that is “Internet Speed Improvement Methods”. Majority of the people across the world use Samsung made Android Smartphone’s and therefore keeping in this mind and increasing concern of users over poor internet speed experience on their android devices I decided to share my views and some tips that I have found useful while using my own Samsung designed android device. So here below I have shared some useful tips (On my personal experience and other user experiences as well) or you can say tricks that you can apply on your Samsung android device and can see drastic improvement in your current internet experience. Check below how to increase internet speed on Samsung phones.

How to Increase Internet Speed on Samsung Phones

Note Important :

First of all you must keep in mind that you can’t achieve speed more than your current internet plan unless something special happens. So what you can do is only optimize or improve your existing internet speed if you aren’t getting what you are expecting to get as per your Internet data plan. Therefore here below mentioned methods can only improve or increase your Internet speed if you are not getting proper speeds. Check below How to increase internet speed on samsung phones.

How to Increase Internet Speed on Samsung Phones : Best Methods

Well if you are looking for improving or enhancing your current Internet speed on your Samsung android device then the first thing that you must ensure is that your android device is fully optimized and fully updated with the latest software update that are being released over the time period. So the first step towards improving or increasing internet speed on Samsung android devices begins with increasing your android device performance. Read below on how to increase internet speed in Samsung android devices.

Method – 1 : Improve Your Android Device Performance

As I have been mentioning above again and again that you have to first increase your android device performance before you can increase your internet speed but the question is how you can increase your android device performance and that’s where we are going to help with proper step by step instructions.

Ensure that you are running your Samsung device with the latest android software update that has been rolled out for your device by Samsung. You can do it via the Kies Software installed on your system.

After Updating your Samsung device you have to now work upon your existing stuff that is stored on your device. There are lots of things to look upon while trying to improve your android device performance which are too vast to be covered here so for your quick reference I am providing you with an extra helpful and amazing guide published by Ashutosh KS “10 Essential Tips To Increase Android’s Performance” on hongkiat website.

Method – 2 : Use of Third Party Fast Browsing Applications

After you are done with improving your android device performance you will automatically start seeing effects not only while accessing internet but also while doing other things like multitasking or playing games or running apps etc.

Increasing Android device performance is just a usual step, now the major or you can say drastic change that can effectively increase your Internet speed is the usage of Third party fast browsing apps instead of using the default android browser. Some of the most popular and highly used third party fast browsing applications on android are UC Browser, Opera Mini, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. They not only increase your internet speed but also helps you in saving your Internet data by using latest technology of web compression that compresses your webpage for faster loading and that too without losing valuable data.

Method – 3 : Using Apps for Improving Network Signal Strength

You can Use Network Signal Strengthening Apps to Optimize Your Internet Connection in Your Android Mobile Devices For Best Performance.Here Below are Some of the Best Android Apps that You can Use For Free to Increase Your Mobile Internet Speed.

Network Speed Booster – Download Link

Network Signal Speed Booster – Download Link

Signal Booster for Android – Download Link

*After installing and increasing your network signal strength by using any of the above mentioned app you can achieve even more faster internet speed by using dedicated Internet speed increasing apps like Internet booster, Internet speed booster etc. You can get complete reference of all the Internet speed increasing apps at the below given link.

Method – 4 : Disable Internet Access from Background Applications

This is one of the most common and underlying factor that results in poor internet speed where background applications start accessing your internet for updation or other usage thereby consuming your internet bandwidth without your knowledge and thereby resulting into poor or slow internet speeds. Usually what happens is that applications start updating themselves in the background due to the enabled Auto Update feature therefore decreasing your Internet browsing and downloading speed. So it is better to disable access to Internet for such applications. You can use the apps like Droid Wall – A Firewall App, LBE Privacy Guard etc.

Note – These Apps Requires Your Android Phone to be Rooted before You can Use these Apps.

Supported Samsung Android Devices :

Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Young 2, Samsung Galaxy On7, Samsung Galaxy On5, Samsung Z3, Samsung Galaxy Active Neo, Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE, Samsung Galaxy J2, amsung G9198Samsung Metro B350ESamsung Galaxy S6 Edge+Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, Samsung Galaxy A8, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3, Samsung Galaxy Win 2 Duos, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3-VE, Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos, Samsung Galaxy J1 4G, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime 4G, Samsung Galaxy J1, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus, Samsung Z1, Samsung Galaxy A7 Duos, Samsung Galaxy A7, Samsung Galaxy Grand Max, Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE, Samsung Galaxy E7, Samsung Galaxy E5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE, Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos, Samsung Galaxy A3, Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos, Samsung Galaxy Core Max, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Samsung Galaxy Ace Style LTE, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy Mega 2, Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos, Samsung Galaxy Avant, Samsung Galaxy Star 2, Samsung Guru Music 2, Samsung Metro 312, Samsung Galaxy Ace NXT, Samsung Galaxy Star Advance, Samsung Galaxy S5-LTESamsung Galaxy S5 mini, Samsung Galaxy Core 2, Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LT, Samsung Galaxy Ace 4Samsung Galaxy Core Mini 4G, Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A, Samsung S III Neo, Samsung Galaxy Core LiteSamsung Z, Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition, Samsung SM-G9098, Samsung Galaxy K zoom, Samsung Galaxy Beam 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 3G, Samsung Galaxy Ace StyleSamsung Ativ SE, Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim, Samsung Galaxy S III mini Value EditionS, amsung Galaxy Core 4G, Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus, Samsung Galaxy Star Trios, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo, Samsung Galaxy S III Neo+, Samsung Galaxy Core Advance, Samsung Galaxy Win Pro, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Samsung Galaxy Core PlusSamsung Galaxy Express 2Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite, Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite, Samsung Galaxy J, Samsung Galaxy Round, Samsung Galaxy Star Pro, Samsung Galaxy Trend 3, Samsung Galaxy Trend, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Golden, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8, Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro, Samsung Galaxy Core, Samsung Galaxy Young, Samsung Galaxy Y Plus, Samsung Galaxy Win Duos, Samsung Galaxy WinSamsung Galaxy Star, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo, Samsung Galaxy Fame, Samsung Galaxy S II Plus, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, Samsung Galaxy S Duos, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite, Samsung Galaxy Ch@t, Samsung Omnia M, Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos, Samsung Galaxy Y DuosSamsung Galaxy Beam, Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, Samsung Star 3 Duos, Samsung Galaxy S Advance, Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy S

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