How to Open Games Explorer in Windows 8 – Play Free Games

How to Open Games Explorer in Windows 8 – Play Free Games : Windows 8 is the Latest operating system from Microsoft After Windows 7 with lots of new added features and with some important features removed like Start Button,Files and Games Explorer,Personalization and much more.In Windows 8 the old classic games explorer in now replaced by XBOX Live games in which you can play or download games online. How to Make Windows 8 Faster – Super Fast  If you are looking for Games explorer in Windows 8 then here is a bad news for you that there is no direct method included by Microsoft itself to access the Old Games Explorer that was present in Previous Windows 7 so here I am providing you with quick and easy solution on How to Open Games Explorer in Windows 8.Though you will not find any game there which were included in Windows 7 like Chess,Minesweeper,Ink ball,Purble Place etc. so you have to download them manually from Microsoft Windows App store.See below on How to Open Games Explorer in Windows 8 to play free games.

What is Games Explorer ?

Games Explorer in Microsoft Windows is one place to get access to all your favorite games by their shortcuts.Game Explorer includes all the preloaded games from Microsoft by default as well as including your own Installed and most played games in the Window.Microsoft has removed this feature from Windows 8 earlier it was seen in Windows 7 that included games like Chess,Minesweeper,Ink ball,Purble Place and much more.You can even see your wins, losses and other statistics.Though in Microsoft Windows 8 it has been removed and replaced by Xbox Live Games but still you can get access to Games Explorer by using the given method.

Games explorer in windows 7

How to Open Games Explorer in Windows 8 – Steps to Follow

    • Open your Windows 8 Start-screen.
  • Type RUN in start-screen to open RUN Dialog box or else you can directly open it by pressing Windows + R.
  • Here just type the Command shell:games as shown below in the image.

How to Open Games Explorer in Windows 8 - Step One

  • Press Enter and now you will be navigated to the Games Explorer.

How to Open Games Explorer in Windows 8

  • That’s all and you are all done.

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