Xiaomi Mi4i Common Problems and Fixes : Best Guide

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Xiaomi Mi4i Common Problems and Fixes: Xiaomi announced its Android powered smartphone Xiaomi Mi4i in India few months ago. It is said to the cheaper variant Xiaomi Mi4. With the launch of the smartphone, Xiaomi indeed created buzz in the Indian market. However, now it looks like the company was not able to really live up to the hype as almost every Xiaomi Mi4i users are complaining about one or another problem in the  device. In today’s round, we will be having a look at the common Xiaomi Mi4i Problems and fixes.

Xiaomi Mi4i Common Problems and Fixes

Xiaomi launched the Mi4i with a 5-inch full HD display of 1080 pixel resolution, powered by a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-core processor, paired with 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 16 or 32GB of internal storage.

There is a 13MP Sony camera at the back of the device with Full HD video recording capability. A 5MP front camera helps you in taking selfies and making video calls. Connectivity features on the phone include 4G dual SIM, Bluetooth, WiFi and another usual set of connectivity features. A 3120 mAh battery at the back will keep its lights on.

On paper the specification looks promising for a 13K smartphone, however, some users have reported about problems like over heating, battery draining and lagging issues in the phone. Even though the company has not yet released any permanent solution to fix these common problems in the phone, still you can try these workarounds to fix these issues in your phone.

Xiaomi Mi4i Common Problems and Fixes : Top Issues with their Solutions

1 – Fix Xiaomi Mi4i Heating Issue

The heating issues has been a common problem for most of the recently launched smartphones and Xiaomi is no exception to it. According to the users, the phone heats up only after few minutes of gaming or internet browsing. The problem seems like a bug which can be fixed with a new software update. Now here are few things you ca try to fix the heating issue in Xiaomi Mi4i.

Update to the latest MIUI software version: The latest version fo MIUI has been reportedly said to fix the heating issues with Mi4i. So, if you haven’t updated your phone to the latest version yet, make a move and get the latest version. Post update, you surely gonna miss the heating issue.

Kill the background app: This may not look like an ideal fix, but should sail your boat in extreme conditions. If you are facing over heating issue with your phone, then you should kill all the unwanted background apps using the task manager. Or use any third party app to automatically kill the unwanted background apps periodically.

2 – Fix Call Drop Issue in Xiaomi Mi4i

Apart from heating another common issue reported by the users is call dropping issue. The call drops frequently without any notice or error code. The call drop issue is new to the phone and mostly came with the latest MIUI update. The company is yet to make any official statement on the issue. What you can do is check for the latest available update and update your device if available and see if this fixes the issue.

Xiaomi Mi4i Problems and fixes

3 – Fix Internet Connectivity Issue in Xiaomi Mi4i

Some Indian users have reported about internet connectivity issue in their device. The internet connection stops working after few minutes of browsing. If you have the same issue then we have the solution.

What you have to do is, change your APN (Access Point Network) to non-proxy APN. For example, if you have set your APN to Airtel Live, then change the settings and set it to Mobile Office (MO). Or simply edit the Airtel Live APN setting by changing the name and removing the proxy. Once done, save the settings and restart the phone. This should fix internet connectivity issue in Xiaomi Mi4i.

4 – Fix Lagging Issue in Mi4i

The lagging issue isn’t something surprising with most of the Android devices. Doesn’t matter how powerful hardware the device poses, it lags after some time. However, some Xiaomi Mi4i users have reported the lag in freshly bought devices as well.  If you have a new device with the lagging issue, then perform a hard reset. If you have data or apps installed, try to clear the cache, any unwanted or resource hungry kind of apps. If still the problem persist, you may need to take it to the clinic. I mean contact your dealer and ask for a replacement as it should be covered in the warranty.

5 – Xiaomi Mi4i Not Charging

If you have found that your Mi4i is not charging or stuck at a specific % then try changing the charger or the cable you use to charge the phone. If necessary change the wall outlet or the adapter. If nothing seems working, you may need to knock the dealers doors again.

So, this was about Xiaomi Mi4i common problems and fixes. Do share this if you found it working. If you have any working alternative then do share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Settings => Accessibility => Disable power , disable double tap wakeup AND pocket dial and smart cover mode.all disabled now , Calls are not dropping now ..

  2. Sometimes WiFi of my MI4I is getting on automatically while charging. pls look in to this.


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