How to Turn Off Windows Updates in Windows 10

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As you know that it has been almost one month since Windows 10 was rolled out as a result of which most of the users have already upgraded their systems to Windows 10 whereas some users are still in wait for upgrading their systems. Microsoft has introduced some drastic changes in Windows 10 settings that you will identify once you are done with installing Windows 10 on your system. One major change that has come to limelight is that Microsoft has disabled the feature of disabling automatic Windows updates for all Windows 10 Versions except for Windows 10 Enterprise version where you get a special option to delay your updates till you get time to update. Follow below given guide on how to disable automatic windows updates in Windows 10.

Well the major concern behind all this is not about time but it is about the extra Internet bandwidth that is being used continuously as long as there are updates in queue waiting for to be installed on the installed. So if you are having a limited Internet connectivity plan or if you are an online gamer then this is going to be a nightmare experience for you. Not everyone can afford to allow Windows use the Internet services for updating the Windows and that too while doing some intense Internet based work. Check below on how to turn off Windows updates in Windows 10. The method given here works for all the Windows 10 versions that includes Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise all editions.

How to Turn Off Automatic Windows Updates in Windows 10 : I hope you would remember that in Windows earlier than Windows 10 users had a choice to choose among four different update options which I have listed below and you can see them in the screen shot as well.

How to Turn Off Windows Updates in Windows 10

1 – Install updates automatically (Recommended)

2 – Download Updates but choose when to install them

3 – Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them

4 – Never check for updates (Not Recommended)

So all these options have been eliminated from Windows 10 leaving you from no other choice than that of allowing your Windows to update your Windows files. But there is a simple work around that you can implement on your system so as to get rid of these frustrating automatic Windows 10 updates. So just check out below guide on How to Turn off Windows Updates in Windows 10.

How to Turn Off Windows Updates in Windows 10 : Steps to Follow

In order to disable windows updates in Windows 10 you would need to configure or tweak your Windows Update service settings for which I have mentioned all the steps below so as to make it easier for you to turn off windows updates. check below instructions on how to turn off windows updates in Windows 10.

  • Go to Control Panel (Select View by  as Small Icons) -> Click on Administrative Tools -> Double Click on Services -> Here in the Services Windows scroll down to bottom till you find Service with Name as “Windows Update” -> Just Right Click on this “Windows Update” service and Select Properties -> There Just Change the Startup type: to  Disabled as shown below in the screen shot.

How to Turn Off Windows Updates in Windows 10

  • That’s it after disabling this Windows will stop downloading automatic updates in background.

*Alternatively if you are an experienced user you can use the Group Policy editor to disable Windows Update and to do this open Group policy editor using gpedit.msc command in RUN and then Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update -> On the right-side just double-click on Configure Automatic Updates and change its settings as per your requirements.

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