Fix Google Play Store Error 923 While Downloading or Updating Apps

Fix Google Play Error 923 While Installing or Updating Apps:  Android forums on the Internet are full of users complaining about one or another error they have been facing in their Android phone. One such error is Google Play error 923 that occurs while updating your apps. The error could be frustrating at times when you badly want to update your apps. Follow below mentioned fixes in order to fix Google Play Store Error 923 while downloading or updating apps from Google Play Store.

Fix Google Play Error 923 While Installing or Updating Apps

What happens is that, when you try to update your old apps or try to install new apps, the installation or updating process begins, but you cannot actually see any progress as the progress bar will get stuck and doesn’t move a bit. And at the end, it will close showing Google Play error 923. The error is similar to Error 492 and could be fixed similar way. Here is how to fix Google Play Store Error 923 while installing or updating apps. The error could occur because of old cache in your smartphone and corrupted Google Play app etc.

Fix Google Play Store Error 923 While Installing or Updating Apps : Best Methods to Fix Google Play Store Error 923

Fix 1:  Clear Google Play Store Old Cache and Data Files

The old cache and data in your Google Play app could also result in Google Play error 923. The best and easiest fix for this error would be clearing Google Play Cache in your phone. Here is how to do it.

  • Tap on Settings and open Application manager -> Now tap on Google Play Store app to open it. -> Tap on Clear cache and data. -> Go back and open Play Store Service’s app. -> Tap on clear cache and data. -> Once cleared, reboot  / restart your phone and see if the error has been fixed.

Note – Alternatively you can use Free Third Party Cache Cleaning Apps from Google Play Store – Click Here to Download App Cache Cleaner

Fix 2: Try to Logout from Google Play Store Service

Try to log out from Google sync in your Android phone. To log out from Google account,  go to Settings and tap on Google under Account section. Now tap on your Google account and remove it. Once removed, tap on it again and sync back by adding your Google account. See if this resolves the error for you.

Fix 3: Update Google Play Store / Google Play Service

This error can also occur if your Google Play service requires updating. Now you cannot directly update your Google Play service, but what you can do is use any Google service which requires Google Play service such as Google Play Games or Google Hangouts  and update the Google Play service. Here is how to update Google Play service.

  • Open Google Hangouts app or Google Play Games. -> It will ask you to update Google Play service. -> Follow the onscreen instructions and update Google Play service. -> Once the Google Play service has been updated, try to install the App, which was giving this error and you should be able to fix it.

Fix 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Google Play Store

The Google Play store app is the inbuilt Play Store app. Uninstalling it can also fix this error in Android phone. Go to Settings, tap on Apps and then swipe to All tab. -> From the All tab, tap on Google Play Store and tap on Uninstall updates and the app will be uninstalled. Confirm the decision if asked to do so. -> Once the Google Play app has been uninstalled, you can download Google Play Store APK from any reliable source and reinstall it. -> Once the app has been reinstalled, try to update the apps or install the app, which was earlier giving the error. This should fix Google Play error 923 while installing apps in your phone.

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