How to Extract APK Files in Android : Best Ways

How to Extract APK Files in Android: Best Ways: .apk files make it much easier to carry your Android apps and move them around supported Android phones. Now, why would you need Android .apk? Well, there are quite a few reasons. You may don’t have access to the internet and you want to have a cool Android app available on your friends Android phone or vice versa. You may want to take the backup of your favorite apps and keep it in your PC. Wants to save some space on your Android phone by keeping the apps you want, but don’t want to delete other apps permanently. Cannot find the app in Google Play Store, but your friend have it installed on his Android Phone. Keeping the reasons aside, let’s have a look at the best ways on how to extract APK files in Android.

How to Extract APK Files in Android: Best Ways

Here we have 4 best ways through which you can  extract APKs from any Android phone or tablet. Do note that none of these methods require rooted Android phone to extract APK. So. let’s have a look at them below.

Method 1:  Use ES Explorer for Extraction of APK

You may not be new to ES Explorer as it is one of the most popular file manager available for Android. However, this utility can also help you in extracting .apk files in your Android phone. There are several other uses of this little app, but today we will see how you can use it extract .apk.

How to Extract APK Files in Android - ES File Explorer

Begin with installing ES Explorer on your Android phone if you don’t have it already installed. Next, open ES Explorer, go to Tool menu and tap on App Manager. Next, select the apps you want to extract and select the Backup option. ES Explorer will now start extracting the APK from  your selected Android apps to save them as backup. That’s it. Now you can find the extracted .apk files in your SD card.

Method 2:  Have Air Droid Installed 

Air Droid is a must have program for all the Android users who sync their Android phone with PC. Air Droid allows you to manage and make transfer between your PC and Android phone without any hassle. As a plus point if you have Air Droid installed in your computer and Android phone, you can use it extract APK files as well.

How to Extract APK Files in Android - Air Droid

To do this, connect your phone to your PC using Air Droid. Once you are connected, go to Air Droid menu in your PC and navigate to Apps section. Next, select all the apps for which you want to extract the APK and click on Download. That’s it. Now Air Droid will extract the APK files to your computer with ease. This method is recommended to anyone who wants to save extracted APKs in their computer as backup.

Method 3: Online Web Tools

How to Extract APK Files in Android Using Online Web Tools : If you don’t want to use any third-party apps to extract the APK files, then you can move towards online web tools. There are several free online services such as, which allow you to download Android APK directly to your Android phone or PC. We have already written about the best Android APK downloading websites. All you have to do is visit any one of the web tools, enter the Android app URL for which you want to download the APK and then click on download apk.  You  can follow the given link for detailed tutorial and services.

Method 4:  Use Assistant for Extracting APK

Assistant is yet another Android app which is available for free on Google Play Store. It allows the users to extract Android apk from your installed apps. All you have to do is, download Assistant, select the apps you want to extract Apk for and then tap on Backup button. Once extracted, you can find all your APK files in SD card.

How to Extract APK Files in Android - Android Assistant Manager

These are some of the best ways to extract  apk files in Android. Do try them and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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