Need for Speed Unbound: How to Escape Cop Chases (10 Tips)

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Every new Need for Speed game comes with changes to the Heat system and police chases; here are 10 tips to make sure you don’t get caught!

  • When the cops are near you, just drive into the water. Yes, it’s pretty counterintuitive, but they’ll careen into the water just like you did to get you. You’ll respawn and the cops won’t.
  • Roadblocks are meant to be your enemy but they actually are pretty useful. If you drive through the cone areas, some of the cars behind you will inevitably slam into trucks or concrete walls. This tip only works for non-spike roadblocks, though.
  • Spike strip roadblocks have a lot of space between the trucks so you can tell at a distance. Just don’t drive over the strips!
  • The helicopter is inconsequential compared to the cars. If the cars are gone, you can easily outrun from and hide from the helicopter. Just go to any place that covers the line-of-sight after the cop cars have already left and the helicopter will lose interest and float away.
  • Stay in a high-class car if you can. If you’re at a high heat level, don’t do low level races, as you may get stuck in a car that makes it harder to outrun the cops.
  • The cop’s vision that you see on the minimap is completely incorrect. They have vision in a circle around them, not in a cone, and it’s actually smaller than the cone displayed. This is all to say — they can detect you from the side or behind them, so don’t get tricked by the map.
  • Speaking of the minimap, if you press START the menu will give you a better picture of how many cops there are. You can see more in the menu than you can using the minimap.
  • Delivery missions at night unlock safehouses, which makes escaping a lot easier. The safehouses will also make you restart closer to meetups, wihch are doubly useful for escaping. If you’re out of sight from cops or you’re still labeled as “Escaping…” you can enter a meetup to make them dissipate.
  • Cities help more than any place else — tracks, tunnels, and abrupt turns are key for evading the cars’ line of sight and the helicopters after.

This is all you need to be able to play NFS Unbound while effectively escaping chases. Three are some quirks to the system, but once you get the hang of how to outsmart the enemies, the game becomes significantly easier.

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